▷ 6 Best HDMI Switcher Review 2022 [What Not To Consider]

We’re living in a world where surviving without electronic devices is literally impossible, & one that we simply can’t do without television. Unfortunately, televisions are well-equipped to handle a lot of HDMI connections for your gadgets. 

For this, you’ll probably have to devote a big chunk of your day simply plugging & unplugging so that you can make room for your device that you want to use each time. There has got to be a better way of getting this done right? Thankfully, there is. You can get yourself a decent HDMI switch, you’ll be able to save enough effort, time & connect many devices in just one go. 

Getting hold of the best HDMI switcher requires a lot of research, but we have saved you from all of that. Today, we are going to review some of the best, affordable & popular HDMI switchers you can consider for your home. 

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6 Best HDMI Switcher Review

1. Koopman 4k HDR HDMI SwitchBest Overall

Key Features

  • Works on all technical devices such as Apple TV, Amazon fire, Blu-Ray players, LCD TV, Xbox 360, Xbox series, Nintendo.
  • The HDMI switch could be switched automatically, letting you select many input sources with the help of an IR remote controller without getting out of your seat. 
  • Comes with a high performance chip that supports 18Gbps data & 36bit deep colour that makes audio & video 

The Koopman 4k HDR HDMI Switch connects to multiple devices. Regardless of whether it is a TV, Display, or Projector, it covers multiple various devices at one time. The HDMI resolution is amazing as it supports 4K@60Hx resolution and is compatible with lower resolutions too. The best part is that it lets you enjoy a great display with excellent fluency while also switching between multiple devices. Koopma also has excellent compatibility & matches with lower resolution. It also gives you an excellent display with great fluency while also switching between many devices. Apart from that, Koopman is also known for high performance & brilliant sound quality that makes it one of the most noteworthy products of our generation.


  • Supports MHL function
  • Supports LED function
  • Supports HDR 10
  • Supports HDCP 2.2
  • Supports audio like Apply Dolby Vision, DTS-HD
  • Supports 4K at 60HZ UHD


  • Perfect choice for audio & video signals
  • Supports audio formats like DTS, Apple Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos etc
  • Easy to use & super convenient
  • Supports auto-switch to the input


  • Not perfect for KVM switch setups
  • Fairly stiff cords
  • The remote is small in size
  • The IR sensor can ruin the device’s sleek & makes a huge pocket to collect that can become difficult to clean
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2. TOTU HDMI SwitchBest HDMI Switch For Gaming

Key Features

  • Supports resolution of 3840×2160, full HD of 720P, 3D, 1080P
  • Offers a bandwidth of 18gbps
  • Super easy to install, operate & play
  • Offers wide compatibility- can be used for Xbox 360 One, Roku & many other HDMI devices
  • Comes with a select button & a remote control that gives you immense flexibility so that you can manually switch between the sources whenever you want.
  • Perfect for 3D media. The 501Bn switch makes home-theatre & gaming setup a piece of cake. 
  • Super sleek & durable: It’s high quality aluminium material makes it durable. The white finish also goes well with the surrounding environment and gives it a classy appearance. 

The Totu HDMI 4 in Switch is a super affordable & excellent choice for those who want multiple connections. The excellent quality of this switcher is that it can connect to 4 HDMI sources & solve many issues here. It is super easy to set up, install & play. You can use this for games, desktop & TV as well. The best HDMI switcher also comes with an amazing resolution that makes the picture quality perfect. It also allows stable transmission of video signals & assures a great gaming & movie experience. What’s even better is that it is perfect for all devices such as Macbook. Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV & supports input sources with a built-in button that makes changing channels super easy. In short, you never have to get out of your seat to do something.


Supports HDCP 2.2 & HDMI 2.0

Dimensions are 15x7x2cm

Weight is 130 gms

Offers 1 remote control, power adapter, HDMI switch & user manual


  • Excellent device, supports 4 devices in 1.
  • Offers amazing 3D effect
  • Brilliant sound & picture quality, movie experiences are always amazing
  • Convenient & hassle-free usage


Turning off via remote can be a problem sometimes

TOTU HDMI Switch 4 Ports (4 x 1) 4K 60Hz HDMI 2.0...
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  • [Smart & multi-switch method] It will auto-switch to current...

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3. Kinovo HDMI SwitchBest Technology

Key Features

  • 4K 60 Hz resolution that makes 3D content absolutely enjoyable
  • Allows you to switch automatically & lets you enjoy media too without making you fuss about the set up. 
  • Manual switching can be done using an IR remote. It supports all devices such as Apple TV, Roku, Ps4 as well
  • Comes with a two year warranty
  • 550BN quality switch that makes home theatre setups perfect
  • Effective heat dissipation offered through aluminium body & design.

The Kinivo HDMI Switch connects to 5 HDMI input devices that help you remove clutter from other devices that are within the TV. The switcher offers a great use case & is small in size, which makes it perfect as it can be a little unobtrusive. However, keeping that small basically means keeping two blogs on either switcher side. This makes the organization a little bit unsightly.

The switcher also has a 9-second switch that makes it perfect for all types of manual switching. Although it does not come with a PIP, it can do an excellent job at routing 4K videos at 60Hz which makes it amazing. The switcher also supports excellent decoding. It supports an 18 Gbps connection, 3d video, HDCP & HDR & comes at an affordable price that makes it a great pick.


  • Product Dimensions: 4.6 X2.5 X 1
  • Weight of the item: 8.5 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Kinivo
  • Model Number: SW- 550BN


  • Offers 5 inputs
  • Comes with a remote
  • Supports 4K at 60HZ


  • Output placement
  • Does come with the picture-in-picture option
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  • Efficient heat dissipation through hybrid aluminium body and...

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4. Newcare HDMI SwitchMost Comaptible

key Features

  • Works on various devices & comes with a standard HDMI interface
  • Comes with Blu-Ray, Amazon Fire TV stick, Xbox 360, laptops & more
  • Has a key function so that you can press buttons & change port whenever you require
  • Offers stable transmissions through gold plated connectors that ensure great transfer, high performance, 12-bit deeper colour so that you get the perfect sound & picture quality.

If you don’t have a high budget & require something that has a small setup, the new care HDMI switch is a perfect choice. It will support 4K at 50HZ, comes with HDMI 2.0 & HDCP 2.2 & handles deep color perfectly. With 18 Gbps, it does an excellent job of giving you the perfect visual experience. Unfortunately, you need to ensure this hdmi switcher box is accessible since it does not have a remote. It also comes with a button on top which switches the feed. The box also switches to the signals whenever it is necessary. The process of switching is accurate & fast & makes an ideal option for the backyard, kitchen room, bedding & conference room.


  • Supports 40k@60hz along with backward compatibility & lower resolution
  • Lets you connect with 3 meters & 10 hdmi cables
  • Supports 4k at 50HZ HDCP 
  • Supports 12 bit deeper colour
  • Offers high performance of 18Gbps
  • Has a LED HDMI as a signal indicator
  • HDMI output that connects the display device such as projector & HDTV


  • Great compatibility
  • Perfect 4k images
  • Easy to switch
  • Comes with a HDMI cable


  • Both output & input are on the opposite sides
  • Has only 3 inputs
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5. Totu HDMI SwitcherValue For Money

Key Features

  • Supports 1080P, 720 P & is not 4k supportive
  • Has 17 gbps bandwidth & 60Hz frequency that provides immense picture quality
  • Has audio formats like Dolby True HD, DTS-HD, Dolby Digital, DSD so that you have a great experience.
  • Comes with an aluminium body that prevents it from getting excessively heated. 
  • Is small in size & is super portable.

Founded in the year 2012, TOTU has won not just our hearts but people across the world. Also understood as Transcend, Oomph, Team & You, it comes at a very low cost & has excellent features such as an HDMI switch. You will get 4 input posts such as Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Macbook, Blue Ray, Roku & more. With its 2.0 version, you can stream videos in HD quality & enjoy the perfect theatre effect at home. Totu HDMI switcher is also easy to set up, operate & play & comes with a remote controller so that you never have to get up from your seat.


  • Switches on automatically 
  • True 4K HD streaming
  • Portable & easy to carry around
  • Uninterrupted streaming.


  • Doesn’t have a lot of ports
TOTU HDMI Switch 4 Ports (4 x 1) 4K 60Hz HDMI 2.0...
  • [4 in 1 HDMI Switch] TOTU HDMI 4 in 1 Switch connects up to...
  • [Latest V2.0 HDMI Switch] The HDMI switcher supports 4K/60Hz...
  • [Wide Compatibility] HDMI switch with remote supports most...
  • [Smart & multi-switch method] It will auto-switch to current...

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6. HDMI Switch 4K Splitter- Techole – Best 4k HDMI Switch

Key Features

  • High quality & upgraded HDMI switch that lets you toggle between two displays. 
  • Stable transmission with high bandwidth of 10.2 Gbps transmission
  • Supports 3D, 1080P, 4KX2K@30HZ resolution along with HD audio
  • Extremely compatible with computers, Blu-Ray dvd, Route Roku, chromecast, PC, XBox-360, projectors, TV, monitors etc.

The HDMI switch 4k splitter by Techole offers several interesting features that will make the connection a lot simple & easy for you. It is easy to set up & operate and requires no external power supply. All you need to do is press a button & you’d be able to swap signals in just 1 second. The LED light shall show you what port is active. The transmission can also be quite fast & stable. With high bandwidth, you’d never have to experience a loss of video or picture quality. Techole’s switches also offer high-resolution sp that can enjoy a luxurious & audio experience. 


  • Port: 3.4mm input
  • Size: 97x60x15
  • Capacity: 1500 mAH
  • Working voltage: ±4V
  • SNR>100Db
  • Amp using time: 8+ hours
  • Output power: 40MW
  • Battery voltage: DC3.7V – 4V
  • Adapted headphones: 10-150Q


  • Super convenient, easy to set up, install & use. 
  • Luxurious picture quality
  • Made out of aluminium, which makes it long lasting & durable.


  • Doesn’t work well for graphics card or PC Nvidia
  • Doesn’t work without consistent power supply
  • Needs consistent power from one source

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Buying Guide To Choose The Best HDMI Switches

1. HDMI Versions

Before you buy an HDMI switch, keep in mind its standards that are continuously evolving over the years. The last couple of years have seen a remarkable change in the various versions of HDMI. From 1.0 to 2.0, each version has been introduced with new capabilities. However, if the equipment comes with the latest HDMI version, that doesn’t mean every feature will be supported. That’s why you should make sure to check out the list of features. 

If you want to buy the latest versions that support 4K video, then always check for a cable that will support an enormous release. But, if you require a basic connection, then it may not matter a lot.

If you require the latest gadgetry & technology to use these cables with it along with the new equipment, you should consider buying cables that match with the latest hdmi 2.1 switch. If you don’t need to have all the new capabilities, a few older leads could be sufficient. They will help you save some money as well. 

2. Reliability

While you can’t tell the difference between a good & bad cable by simply looking at it, sometimes you can feel a huge quality difference, which means that one cable could provide better usage than the other. However, if they are both plugged & left alone, there should not be an issue. The issue occurs if they happen to be moved & flexed all the time.

That being said, affordable & cheap cables can be trusted. Along with this, there could be minimal data when it comes to reliability for certain cables. So at the end of the day, it simply depends on the interests of the person who is buying a cable. Going for cheap options could lead to some major issues.

3. Long Cables

Many HDMI cables are of a few meters or so, which is considered to be adequate or a bit longer for many systems- in fact, many times, the length can become a lot if you have to coil your cable to lose the length. However, on some occasions, it could be necessary to keep the length longer. Often, one will require long runs for HDMI cables. Cables that are more than 10 meters in length can also be used. Do note that passive technologies don’t work after certain lengths. When you require a bigger HDMI cable, it is important to keep a proper cable that comes with an amplifier. This will help boost & equalize the signal soon. A different alternative could be using an extender. Extenders are basically single devices that come with external power sources. Some also have 5V DC that comes from the sources.

Size & Style of HDMI connectors

Around 3 Main Types Of HDMI Connectors Are Used: Standard, Micro & Mini

Although there comes a dual Type B connector, it may hardly ever be required & Type E comes with automotive applications. While purchasing cables, ensure to check that the right type of connectors are picked. The most simple type is the regular HDMI cable, although there could be a mini or micro HDMI cable too.

HDMI cables can also transition from the basic to mini or even micro mini. They could also be used to connect terms like cameras, camcorders or other items that come with a HDMI cable. Before you purchase a HDMI cable, always ensure to verify the sizes of the connector from both the ends. 

Right Angled Or Straight Connectors

One option you must consider while purchasing a cable is check whether you need a right or straight angled connector. Those connectors that have straight cables are quite common, but some cables come with a certain circle, this could become an issue if by any chance there isn’t a lot of space between the wall, the equipment & the cabinet. Whenever something like this becomes an issue, you could get a cable that has a good angled connector, either on one or both ends. This will make things a lot simpler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. HDMI Stands for and working of HDMI??

A1. The full form of HDMI is High Definition Multimedia Interface. HDMI was built as a new video cable when the industry began to build electronics with the help of digital technology that helped replace older machines too. A big chunk of electronics manufacturers got together to build HDMI 1.0 technology that was 1st introduced to the market in 2002.

Q2. Do they support 4K?

A3. The present standard versions of HDMI have facilities that completely support 4k videos. This current version of HDMI was last released in September 2013. The standard HDMI cables that were considered between the years of 2009 to 2013 had limited support. Older HDMI cables don’t have 4k. 

Q3. Does it have audio?

A4. HDMIs do come with video/audio cables. Both audio & video signals can be separated in two different lines with the help of a good extractor.

Q4. How can you connect HDMI cords?

A5. All you need to do is plug one end of the cable to the source with the other end on the video display. However, ensure that the right hdmi input switch as well as the images has been displayed correctly.

Q5. How much do cords cost?

A6. Basic HDMI cables cost between 3 to 14 dollars. The cost varies on the basis of the cable’s length. Cables of higher quality & durability can also be found. Electronic retailers generally mark up all the cables but the quality of signal shall be the same on cables, built for current standards of industry.

Q6. How long are HDMI cables?

A7. Standard HDMI cables are approximately 65 feet. Some HDMI cables are made of fiber & can go up to 200 feet. Extenders also allow signals to travel through coax cables & ethernet with a distance of approximately 2,500 feet.

Q7. What Can You Use Instead Of HDMI?

A8. DisplayPort is the main competitor of HDMI. It can do everything that HDMI can. However, the only problem is that it is only available on most computer monitors. VGA & DVI cables could also be used with electronics that are old, but they aren’t as good as HDMI & can be used on new machines as well.

Q8. Is HDMI digital or analog?

A9. HDMI is basically a digital cable & is compatible when it comes with various types of digital cables & adapters. Any converter could be used to connect HDMI to analog electronics. 

Q9. Are They Powered?

A10. Yes, HDMI comes with a copper wire that can be used to transmit electrical signals.

Q11. Are they backward compatible?

A11. Yes, new HDMI cables can be used along with older version ports. You can use both old version cables with new ports. In both such cases, the quality of the signal shall perform only up to the specs of the latest connection.


When it comes to buying best HDMI Switcher, always remember that the choices are going to be plenty. In fact, one of the important things you can draw is purchasing cables that aren’t very expensive that promise you great results. However, make sure that the one you buy offers a balance between length, quality & requirements. 

Also, do keep in mind that there are possibilities of having longer leads that might be required in some instances. Some HDMI cables also have connectors that offer advantages for A/V installations. You could also consider them while choosing these options. 

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