[How To Fix] Can Curved TV Be Wall Mounted?

Owning a curved TV will give a new dimension to the decor of your living room. Watching live sports or action movies from a curved angle always gives it a realistic feel. Who would not want to enjoy such a beautiful time with your loved ones while watching sports? Of course, with the help of a realistic feel, it gives a great appearance. You can also add a soundbar to make it look wonderful. However, installing the curved Tv will always be difficult as it is completely different from any regular TV set.

Can Curved Tv Be Wall Mounted?

In technology, the term impossible is almost negligible. Even if it is the biggest challenge to mount up a curved TV against the wall, it is not the most impossible thing at all. If you look at the design properly, you will be able to find that only the screen of this device is curved. Obviously a major portion of the back is curved as well. However, most of them do come with mounting holes and you need to get a hold of the bracket that fits with such holes. It may take a few minutes to complete the installation. 

Follow These Steps to Wall Mount a Curved TV

Step 1: Installing the Brackets

To start the procedure, you need to pick up the bracket and start by mounting it to the walls. make a proper mark on where you would place the bracket. Once you are done with this, you can now make four marks according to the space available. make sure that the alignment is perfect. Once the markings are done, you need to drill holes on the wall. You will require at least six holes. Install the screws with a depth of 60mm. This will help you to get started.

Step 2: Place a plastic cover

The next thing that you need to do is to start by placing a plastic cover on the base. You need to give support to the mount tso that it can hold onto the weight of the TV set. Try to place the cover as an additional support near to the plate. To make it look perfect, you can cover all the screws on the wall plate and then mount them on the right place. It should not come out of the mounting space and will leave out a decent space as well.

Step 3: Keep the mounting Plates

Now it is the time for you to place the mounting plates which will hold onto the TV set. Once you place it, you can be aware about the alignment. Make sure that the plates sit straight so that after installing the TV set, it won’t be a difficulty for you to watch. To hold onto the TV set, you need to attach TV screws to the plate including some VESA holes. Make sure the screws fit in well so that there is not problem to install the TV set onto the plates.s 

Step 4: Place the TV

Now it is all about placing the TV set at the correct place. Hold it up with both of your hands and slowly slide the mounting brackets through the back panel of the TV set. Once it sits, you will have to move two arms towards the gear. This will secure the TV set and will not allow it to move much.


Step 5: Tilting

Although the brackets are perfectly aligned, there are still some tilting fixes that need to be done because of the additional pressure. You need to hold the gear just at the back of the mounting rails which adjust the inclination. Adjust it accordingly to get a perfect view.

Step 6: Install the Cables

Once you are done with the mounting, installing the cables would be the next thing. You Can find small gaps through the mounting bracket. You can easily slide out the cables through these holes. It will be a perfect match for you to do such.


Although the entire procedure of installing the wall mount could be done by yourself, it is still better to contact a professional to get the installation done properly. It will allow you to avoid damages to the TV set and also avoid the hectic of drilling the wall properly.

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