Cat6 Vs Cat7 For Gaming [5 Major Difference] 2021

If you enjoy gaming or spend hours on your laptop playing games, you must be knowing how annoying it is to have your connection interrupted right in the middle of the game. This is where the whole thing about Ethernet cables comes in. Having one can make a world of difference & make gaming a piece of cake. 

Although Wi-Fi is what people generally use for gaming, there’s no doubt that they are flawed. The furniture, distance from your router & the business of the channels can easily affect your connection & if you have a sensitive scenario, chances are it will have a bad effect on your gaming. Keeping an ethernet cable and understanding the difference between Cat6 Vs Cat7 will help you solve this problem because they ensure your connection is super fast & well-protected. It also provides excellent connectivity for all your games & gives you an enjoyable experience.

What are the best cables you need for gaming?

best cables you need for gaming

Ethernet cables generally come in a variety of shapes, types & lengths. However, the most important thing you should be mindful of in the category of the cable. There’s a name for such standard cables & they can often be used to describe Cat 5, Cat 6, Cat 6A & Cat 8. 

But which one do you know is the best? While a Cat8 cable does an excellent job in designing professional scenarios, Cat 6 & 7 cables offer you the excellent bandwidth you need for a comfortable experience. 

However, the real debate here is to decide which is the best Ethernet cable between Cat5 & Cat 6, and if Cat 6A has done a lot of excellent data transfers.

Difference Between CAT 6 and CAT 7

Difference Between CAT 6 and CAT 7

Bandwidth: CAT6 Vs CAT7 Ethernet Cable :

CAT6 wires will transmit about 400MHz that crosses beyond 55 yards. The biggest advantage it has compared to other cables is mostly lesser noise & the crosstalk. CAT6A transmits up to 500 MHz which is more than CAT6. It also does a good job in reducing crosstalk & noise so that there is no place for error in such devices that come in the same row. Both CAT6A  & CAT6 are much bigger & might be a little challenging to secure without any sort of connectors or adapters. 

CAT7 offers an extra increase in its bandwidth & also allows a reduction in crosstalk & noise. CAT7A works at frequencies that cross 1000 MHz & transmit 40 gigabits that go beyond 54 years & 100 gigabits that go beyond 16 yards. The biggest advantage is that CAT7A can be used for various applications with the help of 1 cable.

Bandwidth: CAT6 Vs CAT7 Ethernet Cable

A lot of people believe that both CAT 7 & 7A come with more bandwidth if compared with CAT 6 or  6A. However, many homes come with additional technologies that are used for cables like security devices, automation, smart home technology as well as personal services. Because of this reason, many people who see a rapid increase in the bandwidth may also opt for a cable that’s much faster while people who update their technology frequently could find CAT6 a little insufficient.

Cost: CAT6 Vs CAT7 :

Homes generally use 10 cable lines that have 200 feet for every line. This means you’d require at least 10 connection points in your home for the gaming experience to run successfully. If you need cable up to 2,000 feet, it will cost you around 200 dollars for CAT 6 & a 6A will go up to 350 dollars. The installation will be up to 50 dollars for every connector, which also pushes the cost up to 700 dollars for CAT  & 6A approximately 850 dollars.


With cable feet of 2000, CAT7 costs around 1,200 dollars & 7A will cost around 1,600. The installation cost of CAT7 may not be standard but several companies charge around two times more than what you pay for CAT 6. However, the installation will cost you around 75 dollars for every connector, making it a total of 2,000-2350 dollars.

Durability: CAT6 Vs CAT7

CAT 6 has a cycle of approximately 10 years. Only after this, do people start seeing any kind of degradation & errors. The CAT 7 however has a span of 15 years. The reason behind this is that heavier copper is used which provides a lot of shielding, making CAT 7 a better option than CAT 6. This also explains the reason why several people prefer to have CAT 7 as it would need less amount of rewiring. 

Insulation: CAT7 Vs CAT6

CAT 6 offers wire separations that come from within the cable that allows better insulation & reduction of crosstalk. CAT6 & 6A have seen major improvements in reducing noise in the past couple of years where CAT 7 & 7A seems to offer better solutions in terms of insulation. 

Compatibility:  CAT6 Vs CAT7

CAT 6 & 7 are both compatible in nature. They will easily be able to work for CAT4 & much higher. So all you need to do is upgrade either system which does not mean you won’t have to upgrade the equipment too.

Compatibility:  CAT6 Vs CAT7

Best Usage: CAT7 Vs CAT6 Ethernet Cable

Generally, when it comes to recommendations for home usage, CAT 6 cables are considered ideal. They have enough speed & can be used to handle gaming & downloads. Homes that have an average internet speed will also be able to perform solidly for CAT 6 & 6A.

However, if you are running many applications, like those that are needed by smart technologies, or if you need it for a business environment, you may always derive results from a CAT 7 or 7A cable as it can support many applications with fewer errors & crosstalks.

On A Concluding Note

There are several differences between both such cables. That’s why choosing between both these options depends on what your needs & requirements are. That’s why it is important for you to set your priorities in the right way so that you can know which one is ideal for you. 

The budget here is also a key factor that you must choose before you choose a CAT 6 cable. If the high-end specifications are really important for you, always go for something that will give you better usage. 

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