How To Connect a Soundbar To TV Without HDMI?

Many times it happens when we feel like listening to exciting movies, dialogues, or action scenes with a dynamic loud voice on your TV. The best thing we can do here is to have a great quality soundbar. The new soundbars in the market have the power to replace the old home theatres and make you feel like you are watching a movie in a movie theatre, just being at your house.

Sometimes we find ourselves in the condition after buying a new soundbar that our TV does not have an HDMI port. Then, what to do? Primarily, we should check the soundbar we are buying, whether our TV can support that soundbar or not.

Although, If you have already bought a new sound bar and your TV does not have an HDMI port. Is it not useful now? No, it is useful and here below we will tell you how to connect your sound bar to a TV without an HDMI port. 

Although, If you have already bought a new soundbar and your TV does not have an HDMI port. Is it not useful now? No, it is useful and here below we will tell you how to connect your soundbar to a TV without an HDMI port. 

5 Methods To Connect Soundbar to TV Without HDMI

First of all turn ON “Active source” mode on your TV.

Use of Analog RCA connections

The RCA connections are mostly found in old TV’s. Since for soundbars we just have to get sound we use red and white ports only because the yellow port is for video purposes. So to make the connection and make our sound bar provide sound we just have to connect the white and red RCA port of the TV with the RCA port of the soundbar via analog cable.

Through Male to Male AUX Cable

Our TV and soundbar both have AUX in them. For connecting the AUX of both the devices we have to join them with male to male AUX cable. Insert one end in the TV’s AUX and another port in the soundbar’s AUX.

Many times we find confusion between headphones and AUX ports. They both are different. The headphone port is a low sound giving port since it directly passes the audio to our ears.

Use of Optical Cable for Digital Audio

Digital Audio is the best type of audio giving port. When you buy a new soundbar look for the one having this port. And if both your TV and soundbar have a digital Audio port you will be experiencing the best sound quality correctly replacing the sound of the HDMI port. Which gives the best sound quality till now by just connecting the digital audio port of TV with the digital audio port of your soundbar with an optical cable.

Using Adapter

Check which type of port is present on your TV’s back. Buy that type of HDMI adapter only. EX: If it has an RCA port then take RCA to HDMI Adapter. After buying the Adapter just attach it to the socket or port which is present on your TV set. Then just connect the HDMI cable to the adapter on one end and soundbar on the other end. Yes, this method needs your soundbar to have an HDMI port. Thankfully nowadays most of the soundbars have that HDMI port already in them since it provides the best audio one can ask for. This way we can use your newly bought soundbar having HDMI port and the money spent on it does not get wasted.

Using Bluetooth

If your TV and sound bar both can provide the facility of Bluetooth you can easily connect both of them. For this, you just have to go through the multimedia settings of the TV and go to the Bluetooth connectivity section. As you find the name of your sound bar just pair it and enjoy the sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why should we have an HDMI port on the TV?

The HDMI port is easy to connect to the sound-bar using a USB cable. Also, HDMI provides the best sound as far as present in the market.

Q2. What kind of cables for AUX should we buy?

If you are buying a new cable for AUX make sure you buy the cable that supports the stereo. If we do not have such a cable we may get a mono-sound, not the surround sound.

Q3. Digital port or HDMI port, which provides the best sound?

Both ports are nice and provide great sound. We cannot compare them so easily, it just depends on the availability of them in our device. We can use any of them.  

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