How Do I play My Xbox One On my Laptop With HDMI? Quick Guide

The new generation loves playing games, some people play games on the mobile ecosystem, and some love to play on big screens of TV, but it is not always possible to play games on TV by connecting your gaming console to it.

If you have an Xbox one then you can also connect it to your laptop or PC easily and this article will guide you to connect your TV with Xbox using HDMI port.

Things you will need for connection

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What is HDMI?

The full form of HDMI is “ High-Definition Multimedia Interface”, it connects high-definition video devices to Laptops or TVs.

HDMI inputs are found in smart TVs and home theaters, they receive one end of HDMI cable. By using an HDMI cable you can connect any two devices with each other and share HD content between them.

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How to connect Xbox one to laptop with HDMI

Connecting Xbox One to a laptop is very easy, just follow these steps

  • Make sure that your laptop has an HDMI port.
  • Close all the games and programs running on the Xbox one and turn it off.
  • Check if your HDMI cable is working properly.
  • Plug the one end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port of the Xbox, HDMI port in Xbox is present at the back.
  • Plug the second end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port of your laptop. If your laptop does not have an HDMI port then don’t worry you can also use an HDMI adapter for connection.
  • Once both the devices connect, turn on the Xbox One console.
  • Wait for some time, until the console gives notification of connection between the devices.
  • If you do not get a notification then go to the main menu of your laptop and select system settings option, from system settings, select “display settings” and set the settings according to yourself.

Now you are all set to play your Xbox on your laptop

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect my Xbox One to the laptop wirelessly?

1) Yes, you can connect your Xbox One to the laptop wirelessly using the Xbox app.
2) Download the Xbox app on your laptop from the windows store.
3) Open the app and turn on your Xbox One.
4) From the home page of the app select menu icons, they are present on the left side of the screen.
5) Go to the connection setting and select it.
6) A pop-up
will show to add a device.
7) Select the name of your Xbox One from the list of devices.
8) Click on the stream option to connect the laptop with Xbox One.
9) Now select the continue button and play your favorite games on your laptop.

Can a laptop accept HDMI input?

Some laptops have HDMI input while some do not. If the label of the port says “HDMI” then it is an output HDMI port and if the label is “HDMI in” then it is an input HDMI port. If your laptop’s screen is less than 18.4 then probably it does not have an HDMI input.

How to troubleshoot HDMI connection problems?

Check cable connection– ensure that cable connects to both sides tightly, if your cable does not fit correctly then get locks for your HDMI cables.
Try to turn on components in a different order– if you turn on the TV first and other devices after TV then reverse the order in which you turn on the devices.
Use a different HDMI input: Switch to the other input on the TV and then again switch back to the HDMI and see if signal locks are good.
Look for firmware updates– See if any firmware update is available for your TV, if yes then install the update.
Eliminate the devices– remove any intermediary devices present and plug the HDMI connection directly to the TV, if connections improve then the intermediary devices are causing the trouble.

Do all laptops have HDMI ports?

No, some laptops do not have HDMI ports but currently, most of the laptops have HDMI 1.4 or HDMI 2.0 ports.

What to do if my laptop does not have an HDMI port?

If your laptop does not have an HDMI port then you can use an adapter for connections.

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4 thoughts on “How Do I play My Xbox One On my Laptop With HDMI? Quick Guide”

  1. Hi

    Xbox is already connected to the net.
    i don’t want to use Streaming as that will creat a lag while playing.

    i want Laptop to act as a TV monitor.
    is there a way to achieve that ?

    • So, I’m already guessing that you have an HDMI connector which is currently plugged into your TV and Xbox. Plug it out and look for the HDMI input port on your laptop. The Laptop screen will automatically turn into a monitor. You can use a USB connector if you don’t have any HDMI cable.

  2. Yes, i did plug HDMI from Xbox to the laptop. As in input [Laptop]
    After waiting for a while nothing happened.

    How to make The Laptop screen will automatically turn into a monitor ? i have 2 laptops (2014s) and both have same problem. i update both laptops to the latest Windows Update but still no use.

    Do you have a way fix this problem?

    • The other alternative method could be by using the Xbox app. It’s only possible if you have an Xbox one or upgrades. Download the Xbox One console companion app on your pc. Now follow these steps below

      1. Open up the app and go to the left side of this screen. Look for menu options.

      2. Look for connection settings and tap on this. It will ask you to add advice. Tap on Xbox and you will get connected.

      3. Once a connection is established, look for options like Stream, Controls, and Now Playing. Tap on the screen menu and it should display your Xbox screen.
      You may not need an HDMI cable at all.


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