Internet Safety And Cyberbullying Guide On Kids And Seniors

It’s 2020 and today, cybercrime generates almost $20 trillion in revenues all over the world. These figures are massive and it will scare anybody who wants to surf around the internet without any hesitation.

Almost 46% today technology has taken a big turn. Almost 46 percent of people feel that young people are getting addicted to their smartphones. More than 95% of the people having smartphones do spend most of their time over the internet. Teens from all over the world are always an easy target for most people.

The daily reports for the number of teens being a target of cyberbullying are increasing. It has become a situation to worry for every parent, institutions as well as Government.

Teens are probably the most vulnerable when it comes to online bullying or receiving threats all around the globe. Social media has become the primary source that leads to cyber threats or bullying for kids. So Parents must know what is cyberbullying.

Most of the reports suggest that 54% of teens have witnessed online bullying and much more. These threats are mostly generated from the social media platform. More than 39% of threats are from Facebook and followed by 29% on YouTube. The other type of online threats comes from platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. This data is widely driven all over the world.

However, the most astonishing fact is only 60% of children have actually reported this cyberbullying to their parents. Most of them do not even recognize the importance of having conversations with parents about this and it slowly turns out to be a bigger issue.

Internet safety has become a big concern when it comes to the abuse of both children and senior people. Racism, abuse over financial status and religion is a common problem that most people need to face.

The internet is neither safe in this part as well. Today, every parent has a shortage of time and uses more technology to keep the children busy. In the entire USA, almost 85% of the parents do the same to get rid of their busy time.

Almost 25% of children in such cases do become a victim of online abuse or other types of cybercrime. To a certain extent, there are a lot of senior and elderly people also getting affected because of these issues.

Internet crimes have almost doubled up in the last five years. It’s now high time that organizations, parents, and governments all around the world are having a bigger look at such problems. Smart parents are opting for multiple ways to counter these problems and save their children from this horror.

It is not you alone who is fighting this problem. We are all in this together and protecting online privacy and breaching internet security can be countered. The guide below will surely give you multiple ideas by which you can counter such problems.

You can have a look at the key stats mentioned below that will help you to get the best results. For more information and stats, you can simply scroll down below.

Cybercrime in Statistics

Age GroupType of Major CrimeRange of TargetRate of CrimeCybercrime RevenueSource Threat
15-20Cyber Bullying3.50%28%$1 TrillionServer Rooms
20-30Malware11.20%28%$4 TrillionDesktops
30-40IP Theft4.92%25%$2 TrillionSmartphones
40-50Ransomware5.33%20%$ 4 TrillionWireless Points
50-60Banking Theft25.74%19%$2 TrillionMalware
60+Identity Theft45.80%18%$8 TrillionSocial Engines

Cyberbullying Statistics You Need to Know

Cyberbullying has become a big subject for everyone to understand in any certain aspects. Cyberbullying may not have a particular type or a target. However, children and senior citizens are the most vulnerable to such problems.

As parents, it is important to know how you can counter these. Here are some key statistics and different facts that you must know about internet security.

Key Findings of Cyberbullying

·         According to research all over the world, most of the youths are vulnerable to receiving threats. It is reported that almost 47% of young people are vulnerable to such acts.

·         Most of the children spend more time on social media sites rather than doing other different things over the internet. Slowly, they get addicted to social media uses in their leisure time.

·         According to the research, the children from the age group of 15-20 are the most vulnerable age group. Further studies conclude that at least 59% of the children have faced bullying at least once in their life.

·         Coming to the abuse of children all over social media platforms, 2020 has itself recorded at least 68% of the total levels of cyber threats as compared to the last five years.

·         Some advanced studies have already been conducted and it is suggested that Instagram has the highest levels of social abuse over than 42% in total. Next up, it is Facebook with almost 37% of social abuse.

Reason of Bullying

·         Most of the children who have faced bullying before have complained about using social media tools. Online bullying covers up at least 54% of the total levels of crimes faced by children.

·         According to the research, almost 71 percent of people do come to notice that social media sites do not have proper protection against cybercrime problems. As a result, it becomes a difficult task.

·         A study from 2016-2020 concludes that 33.8% of students have been at least the victim of cyberbullying for once in their lifetime. Because of it, almost 11% of students have felt cyberbullying problems from the age of 17.

·         Cyberbullying is not an old concept. However, almost 71% of the people have already faced small issues of cyberbullying at least once in their life or else they are concerned about it.

·         According to the recent data coming up, at least 14% of the people have unknowingly committed cyberbullying through different forms through simple texts, emails, over the phone or just on social comments.

·         When it comes to the gender based bullying stats, the levels of abuse to girls are around 40%. Coming to that of boys, the levels of trolls and bullying are around 28%.

Effects of Bullying in Numbers

·         There are almost 25% of people all around the globe who have faced cyberbullying issues right from a very young age. Infact, these people have faced confrontation in front of them as well.

·         According to the recent numbers there are almost 13% of the children who have to lead their daily life after this. They had to reach out to school or offices after this the next day.

·         The most common type of cyberbullying is to be called by names that people may get offended with. According to the reports that have come across, there are almost 12% of people who have faced such issues.

·         Another surprising figure presents that there are almost 11% of people who have received bullying threats from the same age group. In fact, most of them have faced these issues with their friends.

·         The worst part is that there are only 8% of the people who have faced physical altercations after getting bullied. Some of these altercations start out right from the social networking sites.

·         A total of 3% of the total cyberbullying threats have come up with legit reports about their bullying issues to their parents or loved ones. Only 4% of them reported about such issues publicly.

Numbers as Parents

·         As parents, it is important to take adequate action after a cyberbullying report is provided by their children. The numbers are worrying as only 7% of the parents are worried about this. However, almost 25%of teens have already faced this issue.

·         When it comes to the threats of social network bullying, these numbers also rise up to 52%. Most of the people do believe that they are vulnerable to being bullied on social media.

·         Over the last 5 years, at least 1 million children have been harassed in terms of cyberbullying and other platforms. It is important that as parents, you should keep yourself available and free for use.

·         Most of the parents and senior citizens have been victims of social media threats when it comes to being trolled or being targeted online. 1 in 6 people in the family do know about such issues.

·         The USA is one of the leading countries when it comes to the cyberbullying threats for both children and elderly people all over the world. The number of graphic abuse cases is increasing every year.

·         Today, almost 10% of the parents are installing the multiple cyberbullying applications that will help them to get the fastest results. They are now more into tracking internet activities.

Internet Security in Numbers

·         Most of the people agree to share their browsing details in order to get a better experience while they are browsing. These figures may rise to 16% of the total people.

·         There are at least two-thirds of Americans who are willing to get their data access to multiple companies. These informations are collected in order to receive better discounts or shopping experiences throughout.

·         When it comes to the choices between browsing nature or mobile number, people do share their mobile number more. According to sources, 71% of internet users are willing to share their mobile number.

·         Another surprising data comes out as we find most of the people do trust on social networking sites more than the social engines. Almost 42% of the data are collected because of the networking sites. Around 35% of the data is collected from the social engine networks.

·         Out of all the active internet users, only 39% of the people do know that websites can store their data due to the cookies and cache policy. They record such data to allow you to get a better browsing experience.

·         Out of these 39% people, only 5% of the internet users do drive out to different sites all over the internet and check their privacy policy. Very less people are aware of this.

Knowing all about Applications

·         According to the data collected over the last 5 years, only 18% of the people do download applications after knowing everything about them. This data even gets increased in some other countries.

·         Accurate data describes that around 25% of the applications have the permit to display the ads directly to the users. However, most of them use the same policies to display the advertisements.

·         There are around 42% of the people that will help you to send data out to the third party applications. They do not require any external data to encrypt the code. Infact, the requirement is much lower.

·         Coming to the usage of the data, there are almost 42% of the people who are granted access to live location by the government. However, most of the applications do use running background locations.

·         In a total, almost 16% of the applications are integrated with the use of social media progress. In reality, there are almost 82% of total applications that use social media integration to develop the procedure. It will help the user in app activities.

Cyber Security in Kids and Senior Citizen


·         The advent of internet security can always bring up a big advantage for both children and senior citizens. Integrating cyber security means it is capable of protecting the PC or other smart devices that will help you to get a complete solution for the unwanted programs. With the help of internet security, you can block access to such unwanted worms and viruses.

·         Data theft has become another major issue to consider. Senior people are most vulnerable when it comes to data theft or identity theft. It is important to choose a cyber security platform that will help you to get complete protection from such a fraud. It prevents you from the coming damage.

·         Hacking becomes one of the most prominent ways for the scammers to get money out from you. Leaking your private information online could be the easiest source of hacking. This is why it is important for installing a proper cybersecurity application that will prevent you from such possible threats. Try to take the help of a simple platform and cybersecurity tips to help you protect from such situations.

·         When you keep downloading multiple files from the internet, you may not know when you have downloaded a virus or a malware. This will affect the cpu and also the performance which will keep freezing the pc without much effect. Keeping the cpu free from such internet threats will keep it running good. Learning more about cybersecurity will help you to get a complete solution about keeping the pc safe.

·         Cybersecurity always teaches you about the abuse of private data. Having a private data breach means confidential information will be available to the hackers. It is important to keep such information safe and secure to keep. The privacy to users will always be a big threat if you do not know how to keep use of the cyber threats. Learning the procedure will help you to get a lot of benefits.


·         When you integrate the cyber security in the pc, a lot of configuration changes will take place. Because of this, you won’t be able to re-configure the firewall like the default platform. Only secure access will be provided to the users.

·         Another important thing that you need to consider is the option of performing certain actions. A lot of tasks and programs may fail to run if the firewall is not configured properly. If the firewall is not configured properly, you won’t be able to perform well at all.

·         Once you start installing multiple security applications and softwares, the system goes through a regular scan. In case of some advanced features, the system may also go through several checks. This will automatically slow down the performance and reduce the speed. You will significantly notice a major difference in the speed.

·         Another negative view of having security is that you need to update it regularly. Any antivirus you download or use in your smart devices needs to be updated properly. You will also have to renew them after the expiry.


In 2020, the levels of crime around internet security and cyber threats are shocking. The generation is growing and today, almost 87% of the children have a social media account right from 15 years old. Unknowingly, this opens up the door for social media bullying. As parents, it is important to know about what your children are going through and how they are behaving. Leaving them alone is never a solution. The same happens with senior people in your home. They become an easy target for scammers and preventing such acts should be a top priority for everyone. This guide above and the stats and numbers will help you to get an easy solution.

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