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πŸ… Best Firestick Ethernet Adapters [See Our 7 Best Picks] | 2021

Do you love streaming your favorite movies or TV series all the time?  Well, in that case, you will require a strong network connection to avoid lagging or loading issues. However, almost every one of us generally encounters the irritating network issues from time and time again. 

So how are you going to counter this issue and watch your beloved movies without any interruption? In these dire circumstances, you can use a Firestick Ethernet Adapter for your purpose. In turn, it will help stabilize your internet connection and provide a better streaming experience. 

However, there’s a hitch. Currently, the market of Ethernet adapters is filled with an abundance of different products.

So, if you are not a tech-savvy person, it’s not going to be easy for you to find the suitable one for you. However, there’s no need to worry about it.

Here, we will review some of the best Firestick Ethernet adapters and talk about their features, such as connectivity, installation, range, etc. So, if you are interested to know more about them, then make sure to stay tuned with us! 

5 Most Selling Firstick Ethernet adapters

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Best Firestick Ethernet Adapters for Smooth and Stable Connectivity 

Here, we will be discussing both premiums and the budget-friendly Firestick Ethernet adapters in the market. Thus, we would ask you to keep reading until the end.

1. Amazon Ethernet Adaptor– Winner Pick


  • Brand: Amazon 
  • Dimensions: 1.79 x 0.74 x 2.0 inches 
  • Weight: 1 ounce 

Are you considering buying an affordable and easy-to-setup adaptor for your Fire TV devices? Then, the Amazon Ethernet Adaptor should be ideal for your purpose. For starters, the product is highly versatile and, thus, can be used with both 2nd and 3rd gen Fire TV. Also, it comes with a cable and a modem attached to the model for an easier installation.

The cable of the product seems to be pretty long and has a length of 3-feet. Besides, the design of the model, too, is considerably compact and sublime. Thus, you can place it almost anywhere. Also, as per the customer reviews, its overall durability is quite up-to-the-mark as well. It has a warranty of three months as well. 

When connected with a decent internet connection, the Ethernet adaptor can offer a maximum speed of 100 Mbps. However, to achieve the same, you will need to have a 15 Mbps connection. Also, unlike most of the similar models in the market, this one features the coveted 10/100 Ethernet mechanism, making it easily configurable. 


  • The availability of the 10/100 Ethernet mechanism makes it highly viable 
  • Offers a maximum speed of around 100 Mbps in a suitable environment 
  • It features all the required additional and is easy to install 
  • The adapter is compatible with both 2nd and 3rd gen Fire TVs 
  • A perfect value for money product 


  • The cable length of the model could have been a bit better
Amazon Ethernet Adapter for Amazon Fire TV Devices
  • Slow or weak Wi-Fi connection? Take advantage of the speed and reliability...
  • Easy to set up – simply connect the Amazon Ethernet Adapter into the USB...
  • Compatible with Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen),...
  • 10/100 Ethernet

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2. UGREEN Ethernet Adapter For Fire TV Stick– Runner Up


  • Brand: UGREEN Group Limited 
  • Dimensions: 2.42 x 1.02 x 0.71 inches 
  • Weight: 1.41-ounce 

With the versatile UGREEN Ethernet Adapter, you can watch your favorite TV shows on Chromecast Ultra, Fire TV, and Google Home Mini. Besides, it does support Raspberry Pi Zero and offers a stable internet connection through and through. You can implement it simply by plugging directly on the Micro USB port of your Fire Stick and adding it with the router.

As per the manufacturers, the product comes with the same 10/100 Ethernet mechanism. If you can connect it properly, you may get a maximum internet speed of around 480 Mbps. It works best with the Micro USB 2.0 port, but you can use it with others as well. One of the best things about the product is that it can even support the older routers (802.11b). 

The Ethernet adapter from UGREEN does not require you to install a driver program. So, with it, you will not have to encounter any security or frequency issues at all. The length of the USB power cable of the model is around 3.3-feet. So, even if your TV room is far away from your router, you can still connect both of them without any issues.   

The only problem with the model is that it does not support Gen 1 Fire Stick and Roku Express. It cannot work as an adapter cable for PC as well.


  • The model comes with the coveted RJ 45 Ethernet USB port 
  • Its cable length is quite remarkable 
  • It supports various platforms like Chromecast and Fire TV
  • The product has a maximum speed of 480 Mbps, which should be ideal for home use 
  • It is pretty easy to install and use


  • Sometimes, a nominal presence of inference can be seen 
  • It does not support Fire Stick Gen 1 

UGREEN Ethernet Adapter Compatible for Fire TV Stick 4K Chromecast Google Home...
  • Enables your Micro USB TV sticks to ethernet for faster and more stable...
  • Faster Internet Connection: RJ45 provide a speed of full 10/100 Mbps...
  • Practical Ethernet Adapter: Best solution for congested wifi, poor wireless...
  • Plug & Play: Driver-free, don't need to install any driver program for the...

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3. Cable Matters Ethernet Adapter 


  • Brand: Cable Matters 
  • Dimensions: 4.72 x 3.94 x 0.59 inches 
  • Weight: 2.82 ounces 

Like most other popular Ethernet adapters in the market, the model from Cable Matters comes with USB to Fire Stick structure. So, you can plug it in the TV and let it begin its magic. For crying out loud, the adapter does support both 2nd and 3rd generation Fire TVs. It also has the capability of streaming 4K videos, which is quite impressive as well. 

There is a USB wall charger available with the product. It features the fast charging technology and can replenish the battery of the smart devices within two hours. The transmission rate of the product is, too, pretty high. Therefore, even though its maximum speed capacity is capped at 480 Mbps, it can still perform better than standard adapters.  

To help you use it without any limitation, Cable Matters has added the model’s plug-and-play system. Its 3-feet USB cable, too, seems to be pretty convenient for use at home. The adapter is also compatible with a smart speaker. So, alongside Fire TV and Chromecast, you can also use it on Google Home Mini. There is no need to use an extra device with it. 


  • The cable of the model has a comparatively longer range 
  • It is quite easy to use and operate 
  • The product is compatible with smart speaker-infused devices 
  • It offers a faster and much more stable internet speed on Fire TVs 
  • One of the best options in the market for 4K streaming 


  • It is not an ideal option for the Roku devices 
  • Its overall durability is somewhat questionable 
Cable Matters USB to Ethernet Adapter (USB 3.0 to Ethernet) Supporting...
  • USB 3 to Ethernet adapter adds network connectivity to a computer with a...
  • Wireless alternative USB to RJ45 adapter for connecting to the Internet in...
  • Driver free installation with native driver support in Chrome, Mac, and...
  • Lightweight Ethernet to USB adapter weighs less than 1 ounce for easy...

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4. Smays Ethernet Adapter 


  • Brand: Smays 
  • Dimensions: 3.74 x 0.94 x 0.59 inches 
  • Weight: 1.06 ounce 

Do you wish to buy one of the best Ethernet adapters in the market without splashing too much of your cash? Then, the model from Smays should be an ideal option for you. The product comes with a durable exterior, which can withstand almost any type of damage. Moreover, it is also available in two different color options for more convenience. 

The product is, in essence, highly versatile and, thus, can work perfectly with Amazon Echo Show and Fire TV. Moreover, unlike the previous models, it is compatible with Shark Roku TV as well. Aside from the streaming stick, you can also use the model with keyboard, mouse, SSD, etc. With it, you can store all of your files and apps into the external USB Flash Drive too.

Like most Ethernet adapters in the market, it supports 10/100M connection speed as well. So, if you have a steady internet module (15 Mbps), then you will not encounter lagging or buffering at all. Besides, it comes with a 5V DC power cord. Therefore, it can help you to power the USB port and Fire TV stick as well. The product is quite easy to install and use, as well. 


  • If the network connection is stable, then this model can provide a 4K viewing experience
  • Comes with coveted RJ 45 port 
  • The 3-in-one adapter can power your OTG cable, OTG hub and work as a LAN port
  • Has a compact size, which can be ideal for use while traveling 
  • Features a cable of 5-feet length 


  • The procedure of adding files can be a bit difficult here 
  • Disconnection issues may occur sometimes 
SMAYS LAN Ethernet Adapter Compatible for Nintendo Switch Wii, Mac PC Computer,...
  • Wired ethernet connection or replacement RJ45 LAN port for your host...
  • 2 Connectors (USB 2.0/Type-C Thunderbolt 3 plug) compatible for Dell...
  • USB Female to USB C Male (OTG adapter) with keychain can use in separately,...
  • Network speed support 10/100Mbps for stable streaming game video and...

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5. Belkertech Fire TV Ethernet Adapter


  • Brand: Belkertech
  • Dimensions: 5.7 x 3.4 x 0.9 inches 
  • Weight: 2.39 ounces

The Belkertech Fire TV Ethernet Adapter can be another great option for you if you are looking for another budget-friendly alternative. Like the other models, this one, too, comes with the same Micro USB-based connectivity and offers decent internet speed. There is also an internet port available in the model that makes it easier for the users to install it. 

The adapter supports Chromecast, Fire TV HD 10, Roku Express, and many more. Moreover, if you have something with a dedicated sound system, like Google Home Mini, then you can use the model alongside it as well. The USB port provided with the product can be used for charging your digital devices. But, you cannot plug it on your laptop. 

The model weighs only around 2.4 ounces. Therefore, you can also take it with you while traveling or visiting one of your friends’ houses.

The adapter features an RJ 45 port with a 10/100 mechanism. Hence, you will get a decent speed (480 Mbps) and stability while streaming your favorite movies and shows. The model also comes with a long power cable with a length of 3.3-feet, which should be enough if you are using it at your home. 


  • The model comes with a subtle and sublime design 
  • Has a lengthy power cable for more convenience and purpose 
  • It is versatile and, thus, can be used different video streaming platform 
  • The simple yet effective plug-and-play construction makes it easier to install 
  • Offers a steady and fast internet connection in almost every circumstance 


  • The overall durability of the power cable is questionable 
  • Not ideal for 4K streaming 

Fire TV Ethernet Adapter, Belker Fire Stick Ethernet Adapter/Micro USB to Rj45...
  • [High speed network transmit] for the purpose of faster and more stable...
  • [Fast and stable Internet] RJ45 offer full speed of 10/100 Mbps and the...
  • Fire TV Ethernet adapter can be Used up to 300, 000 to 500, 000 times for...
  • Easy install, hitch free, no more bending.Plug it in, then it works.

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6. Snowpink Ethernet Adapter 


  • Brand: Snowpink 
  • Dimensions: 3.0 x 1.2 x 0.7 inches 
  • Weight: 2.57 ounces 

Although the Snowpink Ethernet Adapter is quite budget-friendly, it still comes with various features, which might prompt you to buy it. The model is compatible with Chromecast Ultra, Raspberry Pi Zero, and Google Home Mini for starters. The RJ 45 port available in the model helps it extract the best out of your internet and offer a steady connection. 

The Micro USB port, on the other hand, offers a maximum speed of 480 Mbps for less buffering and better-watching experience. Just make sure that your router is constantly providing around 15 Mbps. The product has been designed quite practically and can be attached to even the oldest routers in the market. Due to its compact design, it is perfect congested houses.

You will not require any device or driver at all to install or use the adapter. It comes with a plug-and-play design. Thus, it will start working right after you have plugged it in your router and TV. There is also a 3.3-feet USB power cable available with the model, which should be long enough for home use. The product also gets a lifetime customer service, which is a bonus to it.


  • It comes with a lengthy cable and does not cause any glitches at all 
  • It does support almost every platform, such as Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku TV, etc 
  • The model can connect with both wireless and wired router models 
  • It can uplift the overall speed of the connection pretty decently 
  • The product comes with an affordable price tag 


  • The overall aesthetics of the products seems to be a bit plain 
  • Robustness-wise, it could have been a bit better 

Snowpink Ethernet Adapter for Fire TV Stick (2nd GEN),Chromecast...
  • ⚑[Stable Network ]: Compatible with Micro USB , for Chromecast Ultra / 2...
  • ⚑[Faster Internet Connection]: RJ45 provide a fast speed of full 10/100...
  • ⚑[Practical Ethernet Adapter]: HARD WIRE your internet connection. Best...
  • ⚑[Plug & Play]: Driver-free, don't need to install any driver program for...

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7. TV xStream Ethernet Adapter 


  • Brand: TV xStream 
  • Dimensions: 6 x 1 x 1 inches 
  • Weight: 0.81 ounces 

Whether it is about offering a decent internet speed or overall aesthetic aspects – the TV xStream Ethernet Adapter fulfills both of these quite skillfully. It comes with a 6 x 1x 1-inch dimension, which can fit it even the narrow spaces somewhat proficiently. Moreover, the versatile USB port can support almost every type of router without any limitations.

Like the other models from the same brand, this one, too, comes with the coveted plug-and-play design. Thus, with it, you will not have to buy and use any extra driver at all. If you can install it correctly, then it will not cause any interference or lags at all. The product also has a maximum data transferring capability of 0.48 Gbps if you have a stable connection.

The adapter from TV xStream is compatible with 1st gen, 2nd gen, and 3rd gen firesticks. However, before using it, you will have to make sure that the TV is 4K supportive. Aside from Fire TV, it works perfectly with Google Mini and Chromecast as well. Nonetheless, in some cases, the internet’s speed might slow down if you are using a VPN.  

So, make sure to keep that in mind! 


  • The product has a maximum speed of 480 Mbps, which perfect for a homely environment
  • The cable length of the model is around 3.3-feet 
  • Owing to its compact design, the product can be placed almost anywhere 
  • The RJ 45 Ethernet port of the product makes it highly viable 
  • Has a Micro USB port as well for more convenience 


  • It is a bit pricier than its rivals in the market 
  • Has only a single color option 
TV xStream Ethernet Adapter (Black) for Chromecast Ultra/2/1/Audio, Firesticks...
  • βœ… Compatible with Micro USB , Chromecast Ultra / 2 / 1 / Audio, Google...
  • βœ… RJ45 provide a fast speed of full 10/100 Mbps Ethernet performance and...
  • βœ… HARD WIRE your internet connection. Best solution for congested wifi,...
  • βœ… Plug, n' play Driver-free, don't need to install any driver program for...

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Buying Guide 

Currently, there are a plethora of different Ethernet adapters for Fire TVs available in the market. Hence, if you want to buy one among them, you will need to consider a few pointers. The following are some of them. 

  • Connection Speed –The connection speed of an Ethernet adapter is probably its most crucial part. So, when buying such a model, you will have to check if its maximum capability does reach the mark of 480 Mbps or not. If it does not, we would ask you to move on and check out some other product.
  • Size –Do you have a congested house? Then, you will have to keep the size of the adapter in mind as well. Make sure to go for something that comes with a small and compact design.  Besides, you will also have to make sure that the cable of the product is long enough for your house. A standard length of the same is around 3.0-inch to 3.3-inch. 
  • Design- These days, most of the Ethernet adapters generally feature the popular plug-and-play design. With it, all you need to do is to plug it in your router and Fire TV, and you are done. After that, the adapter will automatically start amplifying the speed of your internet speed. 
  • Versatility –An Ethernet adapter needs to be flexible and versatile, especially if you want to use it with more than one smart TVs. Hence, while buying the same, you will have to check if it is compatible with other platforms, such as Chromecast, Google Mini, etc. 
  • Charging CapabilitiesΒ –Some of the Ethernet adapters also feature a type of port, which can be used for charging. If you want to have a better user experience and more convenience, then make sure to opt for one of these models.Β 

Frequently Asked Questions[FAQs]

Q1. What is the work of an Ethernet adaptor?

A1. An Ethernet adapter can be connected with a router or a LAN through a wired connection. Once it has been implemented, the product can strengthen the weaker signals and lower signal interference. Moreover, it also helps stabilize the connection of your internet and makes it easier for you to stream your favorite movies.

Q2. Do I need to buy anything to use my Ethernet cable?

A2. No, usually, you would not require anything else if you buy an Ethernet adapter with a plug-and-play design. Nonetheless, in other cases, you may have to use a driver to use the device correctly.Β 

Q3. Is using the USB port for the Ethernet a good idea?

A3. Well, in all honesty, it would depend on your internet connection. For example, if the internet is not stable, then using the USB port would be almost meaningless. Hence, if you want to stream 4K videos without any complications, then make sure to use a connection that has a maximum speed of 15 Mbps.

Q4. Do I need to keep anything in mind while installing an Ethernet adapter?

A4. In some adapters, you will find several add-ons. In that case, you will have to insert them on an expansion board to activate the model. On the other hand, some products can be installed without going through any complicated steps as well. Also, a few adapters require the installation of the driver. So, make sure to keep these in mind while using an Ethernet adapter.Β 


The products that we have mentioned before are unique and effective on their own accord. Therefore, choosing one among them is a bit difficult for us. However, if we were to opt for one of them, we would select the Smays Ethernet Adapter. It is highly versatile, resourceful, and can be used in almost any aspect. Moreover, it can also offer a stable connection and help you have an authentic 4K viewing experience. But, still, we would ask you to follow the buying guide before buying an adapter. Good luck! 

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