How Long Can An HDMI Cable Be? HDMI Cable Max Length

HDMI Cables have brought up the digital revolution for our homes. From the retro panoramic picture transmission to the HD transmission, the advent of HDMI cables has been huge. It is the main reason why we can see 4K, 1080p and 720-pixel transmissions to our daily TV sets. Usually, it is made up of a thick wire gauge that can make a big impact on the video. However, the only concern is how far your TV set is from the transmission box? The length of the HDMI cable comes to play. If you just want to know the perfect length, this guide below will help you understand all.

How long Can An HDMI Cable be?

To be precise, there is no such harsh rule on how long the HDMI cable length should be. By default, when you purchase an HDMI, it has a basic length of 10 feet. You can easily extend it. However, the longer it is, the levels of transmission will start going down as well. Thus, it is important to know what cable length should be good for your HD views.

Maximum Length for 4K Transmissions

4K transmission is the highest quality of transmission that is available. It is great to watch the full HD transmission for your smart TV along with others. The bandwidth requirement for 4K resolution is high and this is why opting for an HDMI cable should be restricted at 15 Feet. Make sure that the cable extension is not more than this.

Maximum Length for 1080p Transmission

Using a cable for 1080 pixels will also require a lot of bandwidth. Of course, watching your favourite sports and movies in such transmission could be a great choice. The requirements are, however, much lower than that of the 4K resolution. Here, the maximum recommended HDMI cable length should be around 20 feet.

Maximum Length for 720p Transmission

Out of all the HD transmission options available, watching your TV program on 720 pixels means that you are at the entry-level. Consumption of bandwidth for the 720 pixels is much lower. This is why you can freely use a longer range of cable for such options. However, the maximum recommended length should be around 50 feet.

How can I increase the Max Length of HDMI?

1.Active HDMI Cable

The appearance of such is quite similar to that of any type of coax cable. However, the only difference is that it represents an active chipset present. The specialty of having such a chipset is that it can easily generate a new signal. Thus, even if you place the HDMI input 50 meters away, you will be able to transmit 4K without any data loss. However, the only concern is that they are not interchangeable and so, you need to be precise about the connections that you are making.

2.Signal Booster

A Signal Booster is commonly known as a repeater. It is a particular small device that can boost the bandwidth at a given location. It acts as a data gain chipset. So even if the cable length is long, the chipset allows gaining the lost bandwidth at the particular location. Keep in mind that it can restore some amount of bandwidth but never the full one. Repeaters work in a simple plug and play mechanism and require a direct power source to operate as well.

3.Cat5 or Cat6

Cat5 or Cat6 is another type of adapter that is easily available around the market. However, you need two such adapters to transfer the signal. They can be compatible with the HDMI cables and you can easily fix them. Unless you are a professional, installing Cat5 or Cat6 could be a difficult challenge. If you have the experience, it is one of the best ways to get effective transmission.


Honestly, there’s no such measurement on what should be the exact length of the HDMI cable. The simple theory is that the length of the cable has a major role in attenuation. The longer length of your cable, the transmission levels will go down. If it is the closest to the transmission box, it will always provide a better resolution. However, you can still manage to take the help of some external appliances to extend the length of the cable.

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