How Do I Know If My Router Is Bad? [Checklist] 2022

Nobody wants a poor surfing experience on the internet, especially in a post-pandemic world where everyone is heavily dependent on a stable wifi connection to get things done.

It could be a work meeting, an important game, online classes, virtual get-togethers,  almost anything that could be the need of the hour. That’s why you need a promising router that’s durable, long-lasting, and in stable condition. Unfortunately, routers can go obsolete over a period of time.

That’s why it’s important to take good care of it & ensure that it doesn’t stop working. In today’s post, we are going to tell you some of the common symptoms of bad routers, how you can fix them & some of the best options available in the market.

Signs Of A Bad Router

  1. Login Issues: Once your router begins to spoil, it will prevent you from logging in online. You will also get lots of notifications regarding the connection. Even the connectivity could get limited.
  2. Slow Connection: A slow internet connection is also another indication that your router is damaged. Slower speeds could also cause the router to not work properly. 
  3. Reconnection Issues: If your router has been deprived of quality, it will disconnect and reconnect on its own. It may go down back and forth and pose some serious problems.
  4. Interrupted Signals: Interrupted signals are also another common sign that should not be ignored. In such cases, you can disconnect the router & connect it to a modern one to see if they’re functioning well.
  5. Slow At Responding: Sometimes routers stop responding on their own. They can also be slow to respond even when you disconnect and reconnect.

Other Signs You Should Not Avoid

  1. If your router dims its light on its own or blinks frequently, it means the router is about to die at any point. 
  2. If you can only see a few lights light, it could be an indication of a poorly working router.
  3. If the router is not lit, yet you can connect the device, consider it as an early symptom that your router is about to experience malfunctioning or failure at any given point.
  4. If your router won’t illuminate all the lights, it could be a router issue as well.
  5. If the lights happen to be dimmer than usual, it’s a sign that you must change your router soon.

How To Fix Common Router Problems

Correct Your Settings

  1. Network Mode: Your router should be able to accommodate all the wi-fi models that are used by network clients. That’s why we suggest you adjust your router to run in the mixed-mode so that you can remedy such failures
  2. Security Mode: Check whether your wifi devices that belong to the same network use the same mode of protection.
  3. Security Key: All devices that enter your network should be configured so that you can use the wi-fi key that’s recognized by the routers.

Check For Viruses

Often a malicious code can affect the stability of your connection. So, make sure you scan your malware, viruses, spyware thoroughly and clean up your system. Windows Defender built-in and Windows 10 does this job better, so make sure you have a lot of subscription-based utilities available too.

Bypass The DNA Server

Whenever you search for a website on your browser, your computer will show the IP address of the website. Often, such servers can have problems that make it hard for you to visit websites with friendly domain names.

Hence you should bypass your DNA server by typing the IP address in the browser. If the page fails to load, you will have to flush the cache to fix the issue.

Restart Your Wi-Fi Correctly

Restarting the wi-fi could also help you reconnect better. So make sure you

  1. Unplug the modem & router from the source of power
  2. Plugin the modem and router back again
  3. Switch on the device & reconnect the network

Find Better Signals

Always check how many bars do you have on your Wi-Fi. A poor signal could always lead to poor wifi networks. It might be that your area is too congested or the wi-fi is of poor quality. Getting a 5GHz band is useful in solving these problems.

What Makes A Great Router?

If buying a new router is what you need, then make sure to keep the following points in mind. These are some important aspects that will help you make better choices. 

  1. Range: Check how far your signal can go throughout the networks.
  2. Bands: You will need a band router that is dual in nature.
  3. Features: Routers that have low ping rates offer you a better gaming experience, so if you’re actively involved in gaming, do consider this.
  4. Speeds: Speeds are often dependent upon the speeds you get from ISPs, but they are also dependant on various factors. 
  5. Compatibility: If you want to use the new router, make sure it is compatible with the ISP.

Best Wi-Fi Router Brands You Can Try Today


Trenda’s wireless routers offer you an excellent internet speed of 300mbps. Not just that, it comes in small packages. It offers you two antennas to make sure to get enough network coverage.

It also supports one band, which is also 2.4GHz & happens to be one of the biggest & best service providers across India. If you want the best performance without spending a fortune, trust Trenda. 


TP-Link Archer offers internet speed up to 733mpbs. It is also one of the best internet services provided. This also supports dual wifi, which means you can easily switch to the 5GHZ band whenever you want, or another one that offers better coverage.

It also has 3 antennas to make sure the coverage is enough. It also creates a balance between performance & price.


Netgear offers you a speed of 1,600 Mbps. It also has an easy interface that makes setting up easy. The Netgear app is also present to help you manage your settings. It also promises reliable performance and makes an ideal option for games & streamers.

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