What Is Hdmi Cec | How Do I Know If My TV Supports CEC?

So you’re looking for the new configuration of an HDMI CEC addition to your TV. Without any further ado, let’s get to know what it is and how you can use the product.

The HDMI CEC is basically a device that allows you to connect with external media players so that you can quickly use them as per your needs. The HDMI CEC is now available in almost all the devices that allow you to play your favorite shows. Today, almost every smart device like Alexa, Chromecast, and others do use the HDMI CEC technology to develop their devices. It allows you to quickly configure and play your selective media according to your needs. It operates with HDMI 1.2 a way that allows two-way communications so that you can use the voice-over command to get your job done.

How Does HDMI CEC Work?

HDMI CEC allows you to configure and connect almost all the HDMI compatible devices with the product. It gives you entire control of the system that you are operating with. Here are some features that you can look up to.

1. Deck Control

With the help of this feature, you can control almost every media file. It allows you to playback and even stops and rewinds the devices any media file that you are controlling. You can also connect with external devices like the camcorders and others.

2. System audio control

Another impressive feature of using the HDMI CEC is the option of setting up a home theatre system. It allows you to get complete audio control to the media that you are playing. In the remote, you will find the volume control so that you can configure according to needs.

3. One touch play

Not many devices do come with this amazing feature but the HDMI CEC does. Setting up a media file and then playing it does take time but not with the HDMI CEC remote. It has a one touch play option so that you can quickly configure the device and start using it. The one touch play button is unique and it also allows you to save up the time and play the next media files with just the next button.

4. One touch record

A one-touch record is a great option for you to choose from. It allows you to record both audio and video files that are currently being played on the device. There’s a record button at the top of this device. Simply tap on this button and it will start recording the media file. You can easily set up this device in just a few seconds and then use it according to your needs.

Setting up HDMI CEC

If you wish to set up the HDMI CEC, it’s not at all difficult to control. You can either connect the hub with your TV in just a few easy steps that will help you to quickly play the media file. Here are some of the steps that you may have to follow.

  • The first thing that you need to open up the HDMI CEC and then turn it on. Wait for the TV to recognize the device.
  • You can now follow up to click on the home button. Once you click here, you will have to go further to the settings page.
  • Here, you will have to click on the sound and sound settings page. Alter the settings and then click on the ‘on’ option. This will allow you to configure the devices.
  • In some other devices, you may have to go to the system menu. Follow it up by going to the CEC function page. Here, you will have to enable this.
  • Once you enable this option, you will have to go further with the options and then tap on the system audio control option. Click on the ‘On’ menu to complete the configuration on this device.

For Sony and other TV sets, the procedure for configuration is different.

You will have to enable the HDMI ARC from the AV soundbar and then go to the system settings page available here. Click on the Audio out option and then click on the HDMI CEC option where you will be able to complete the configuration.

Pros and Cons of HDMI CEC


  • This device allows you to use the TV remote to control some amazing features. It reduces the manual efforts to look for one remote to operate everything.
  • Using HDMI CEC will help you to complete the configuration without any external cables. The whole setup can be done with the same HDMI cable that you are using.


  • The features for using the HDMI cables to one device could be different for different manufactures. You may experience differences in other TVs available.

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