How to Boost Verizon WiFi Signal at Home [Verzon WiFi Booster]

You want to Netflix your favorite movie. Your partner has an important online business conference. Your child is attending his online classes, and suddenly you experience interrupted network connectivity! What do you think is the reason? Definitely, it is not having enough bandwidth.

Insufficient network range at home is a common problem, which needs to be addressed immediately as it could result in the loss of your important work. It is because it leads to problems like poor signal, slow Wi-Fi connection, downgraded speed, and more.

Luckily, there are multiple answers for How to Boost Verizon WiFi Signal at Home, and in this post, we’ve covered them all.

1. Perform a Wi-Fi Speed Test

Verizon subscribers get access to numerous Verizon features and apps such as the My Fios app. It is a great app using which you can do numerous things.

One useful thing to do on this app is to check the speed of your Wi-Fi. A speed test lets you know slowdown in your Wi-Fi coverage because of traffic congestion or Verizon downtime. You need to disconnect all devices and stop using internet demanding tasks while performing the speed test.

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2. Optimize Settings of Your Router

You can improve the performance of your Wi-Fi extender by making necessary changes in the settings.

  • Some extenders come with entertainment settings, which prioritize bandwidth when you stream content or play games. It is a less effective strategy when numerous users share the Wi-Fi connection at the same point of time. It is best to disable the entertainment settings.
  • Another change you can make is RTS thresholds or Reset the Request to Send thresholds on the router. The RTS protocol eradicates data transfer before sending data packets. When there is more Wi-Fi traffic, you must set it to the RTS threshold to enhance Wi-Fi performance.
  • It is also possible to make changes to the RTS threshold and router’s fragmentation settings. When you set the fragmentation to a lesser value, it helps data packets transmit more effectively and boost issues related to network reliability. But setting a threshold to smaller data packets can reduce network performance if there is no issue with your network.

3. Use a Wi-Fi Extender to Boost Range

Using a Wi-Fi extender, you can extend the reach of Wi-Fi signals in your home. It is an excellent device that catches the signal and then extends it twice or thrice the standard range without compromising on the signal speed and strength.

How to Boost Verizon WiFi Signal at Home

While buying a Wi-Fi extender, you must ensure that the signal on the router is the same as the one on the repeater. Unmatched signals do not connect and can result in issues.

4. Use a Wi-Fi Repeater for Enhanced Signal Strength

Another way out is to use a Wi-Fi repeater, which improves signal strength to a great extent. It is an amazing booster for Wi-Fi that augments the signal and keeps it wider and stronger.

However, while using a Wi-Fi repeater the signal travels multiple routes, which may lead to latency and a slight delay in response time while performing low ping tasks.

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5. Make Changes to the Antenna Directions

Wi-Fi signals are released perpendicularly from the router However, Verizon weakens Wi-Fi signals that routes through walls from an angle. It is not necessary that your Wi-Fi router have an antenna, especially if you pick a router-modem combo. But if your router has antennas, it is best to angle them differently to get better reach. You may angle one straight and the other diagonally or upward.

Also, you can add another antenna vertically so that Wi-Fi signals move directly from side to side. Position the other antenna horizontally so Wi-Fi signals travel downward and upward through the ceiling.

6. Invest in a Wi-Fi Mesh

One of the most advanced and reliable solutions to boost the Verizon Wi-Fi extender at home is to set up a Wi-Fi mesh system. You can build a strong signal in your entire house with this technique.

It is perfect for big homes with a larger space.

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7. Use Verizon Trouble-shooter

You will be glad to know that Verizon provides a troubleshooting guide. It is beneficial to the subscribers and helps them solve their issues to a great extent.

This guide even offers you technical assistance with issues, which can be addressed by the users.

8. Plan a Robust Home Network

The reach of the Wi-Fi signal can be endless. To achieve the best signal throughout the house, you must position your router in the best possible place. To appoint the correct place for your Wi-Fi extender, you must be aware of the requirements of each member of your family.

You must place your router in a way so that it is free from physical interferences like walls, dividers, or doors. This is possible only when you plan strategically.

9. Check for Interferences

The strength of your Wi-Fi signal can be interrupted if there are physical interferences in the network route. Also, it can be affected if you connect multiple devices at the same time.

Some common devices at home that may interfere with the network’s signal from the router are refrigerators, Bluetooth devices, analog TV, cordless phones, and others. Hence, you must avoid placing the router near such devices or appliances, which can disrupt the signal.

10. Use Advanced Wi-Fi Security

Maintaining Wi-Fi security is of utmost importance. If you have an unsecured connection anyone can connect to the internet and steal your private information. An unsecured internet connection is prone to online thefts. Hence, keep your connection protected by using a secured system like the WPA2 protocol. Secure the connection with a strong password.

11.  Place Your Extender to an Elevated Spot

Signals move perpendicular to the router. When routers are placed on the ground level, many Wi-Fi signals route horizontally along the floor. Hence, they have limited reach and provide signals to fewer parts of the house.

You can boost the signal and enhance internet speed by placing the router on the second floor. Place the route close to materials such as brick, concrete, or other to limit its capability to broadcast to the entire house. Denser objects lead to more signal loss.

12.  Disconnect from VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Network offers numerous benefits. But it has one major limitation that it slows down the network’s speed. It is because the speed depends on the proxy connection’s bandwidth. Hence, the speed is slower than the speed offered by your ISP.

To confirm that your slow network is not because of your VPN, you must disconnect the VPN and check its speed.

13. Lessen Demanding Tasks

If you stream high-definition content on various devices simultaneously then this is going to affect your Wi-Fi signal performance. The ways out of this problem are to use an ultra-fast connection or to avoid using similar applications on distinct devices at the same time.

Summing Up

now it’s almost everything about how to boost Verizon wifi signal at home You might find boosting your Verizon FiOS connection complicated and tricky. But by following a proper guide and some hacks you can solve the problem conveniently.

We suggest using external devices to boost the Wi-Fi range and signal connectivity as this is the easiest available option.

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