How To Change HDMI Output to Input on Laptop

Watching movies on the big screen is fancy for everyone. So why not use your laptop to check what’s going on. With the help of an HDMI cable, you will be able to easily connect two devices on a single platform. This will help you to get faster connectivity options. You can easily follow these steps mentioned below to get the configuration right.

What is HDMI?

High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI is a digital connection for video as well as audio signals along with miscellaneous data. It is mostly used in consumer television equipment. It supports digital encryption or the content protection protocol that is called HDCP which is developed originally by Intel.

To explain HDMI, let’s take an example. Suppose, you are watching an interesting video on your laptop. And you want to enhance your visual and audio experience, then what will be the solution?

It simple you can connect your laptop to your television easily using the HDMI cable. This way, it will become easier for you to watch the same video on a comparatively bigger screen. The most interesting thing about HDMI is that you will not face any lagging issues and you will further not require an additional audio connection. Just by using a single cable, everything will work smoothly.

Now, there are several cables available in the market and you may want to check around more before you opt for one.

Standard Cable Lengths

It is always important for you to know the standard cable length before opting for one. This is because it varies drastically and it is recommended that you buy the one that suits your needs the best.

The standard HDMI lengths that are available in the market are 3’, 6’, 10’ and 25′. But the most common choice of cable length that is widely used is the 3 foot HDMI cable. It is ideal for powering all the external devices such as laptop, gaming consoles, etc.

There are even more advanced cables that will support the 4K video without any lag and can transfer around 10.2 GBs per second.

Types of Connectors

There are so many different types of connectors available in the market that can be used. Hence, HDMI connectors are categorized into different types which are as follows:

Type A- Standard HDMI Connector

One of the most commonly used HDMI connectors is the Type A and one can easily determine it just by looking at the number of pins. It has 19 pins and the male connectors measure 13.9mm by 4.45mm, whereas the female is 14mm by 4.55mm. This can carry standard HD through UHD 4K signals. This is easily available online.

Type B- Dual Link Connector

Higher-resolution screens generally use Type B HDMI connectors. However, these are not much popular in the market and not used in standard consumer electronics. It has 29 pins.

Type C- Mini HDMI Connector

Type C is just the mini version of Type A HDMI connector. It is used for smaller devices such as camcorders, tablets, and other portable devices. This has 19 pins and measures only 10.42mm by 2.42mm.

Type D- Micro HDMI Connector

Type D is just the micro version of Type-A cable. In fact, it is smaller than the average Type C connectors. You can use it with your smartphones, but nowadays smartphones offer only USB C port. Digital cameras and mini tablets come with Type D connector. It measures not more than 5.83 by 2.2.0mm.

Type E- Automotive Connector

Using the Type E connectors you can primarily connect several devices for entertainment purpose in the vehicles. In fact, these kinds of HDMI connectors may have locking tabs just to balance the vibration of the moving car.

What is HDMI CEC?

The hdmi cec is a great device that actually acts as a connector between the two. It helps you to easily transmit both audio and video in two devices. Basically, the CEC works as a control of two connected devices. You can easily take the help of such electronic control to configure two devices in a single panel, using such key products to get the right features. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Start the procedure by turning on the laptop. You can now connect the HDMI cable to the right place. 
  • Now connect the other end to the second monitor or the TV set.
  • Once you are done, you will have to plug in one port of the HDMI cable to the receiver port of the TV. This will help you to configure quickly.

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