Step By Step Tutorial To Connect Nintendo Switch with Laptop

Nintendo switches are in great demand. It has brought a great revolution in the gaming world. It’s easy to use principle is just amazing. Although the screen itself is sufficient but still if I want to enjoy it on a bigger screen then it is too possible. You can stream it on TV, monitor it. But wait, didn’t I tell you that you can even stream it on your laptop.

Well, let me clear one thing that you cannot connect your laptop directly. There is no means to make a direct connection amongst them. However, connecting via some other means can solve your issue for sure. So, let us understand what are the ways through which your laptop can support this?

How to connect Nintendo Switch with a laptop?

The Nintendo Switch is what most of us desire. It makes gaming so easier. It is light to hold in your hands. In Addition to this, you can even separate the playing controls. Therefore, if you want to have fun by playing it on a bigger screen like a laptop then follow the steps listed below.


There are some things that you will need to connect Nintendo with the laptop. As already said, there is no direct way to get it connected to it. Therefore, we have to take the help of such materials. The materials are listed below.

  • HDMI cable
  • Video Capture Card
  • Nintendo Dock
  • Software *(that comes along with a capture card)

What are the steps to connect Nintendo with a laptop?

Step 1: Disconnect HDMI cable

Your first step is to disconnect the switch’s HDMI cable connected with the TV.

Step 2: Use a capture Card

You need to connect the HDMI-IN port inside the card and the Nintendo switch’s HDMI cable with the HDMI-In port of the capture card.

Step 3: Open the Game Capture software

As you have downloaded the software that came along with the capture card and if not, then download it. Now open it in your laptop and plug off the Switch from Home Button with the help of a controller.

Step 4: Use the USB cable

Now, connect the laptop and capture card via USB cable.

Step 5: Connection Established

You will find that the Nintendo screen is launched in your Game Capture HD.

Step 6: Go to Fullscreen

Go to the Fullscreen option of Game Capture HD in the top- right corner. This will enable the Nintendo switch to cover the entire screen.

Attention: Make sure that you do not touch the mouse or keyboard to enlarge the screen. Let it fill automatically. Once the Nintendo Switch fills the entire screen then you can proceed to play your games on the laptop.


The steps explained above will help you to get connected to Nintendo with the laptop easily. Just gather all the material that is required for the establishment of the connection. The steps are very simple to go with. So now, you can enjoy your gameplay even on the laptop. So, all the game lovers out there keep playing and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Question [FAQ]

1. Can I connect the Nintendo to my laptop without a capture card?

The answer to this is a big NO. you cannot connect without using a capture card. To establish the connection between them you must have the capture card. This is because the HDMI cable is unidirectional which
implies that the HDMI has an output port and thus it cannot receive input signals. Therefore, we need a capture card.

2. Does Nintendo support Bluetooth?

Well yes, Nintendo Do supports the Bluetooth feature for the devices like wireless controllers and other devices that have been used in gaming.
But you cannot directly connect your Bluetooth headphones with the Nintendo Switch.

3. Is it possible to record switch gameplay on the laptop?

Yes, you can record a switch on the laptop. Just make sure that you have connected the switch and laptop. When it gets connected just press the Share button twice on your Nintendo. Now go to ‘share and broadcast’ options. From there go to ‘audio sharing’ and select “Include Microphone Audio in video Clips”.

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