How to Connect TV to Receiver without HDMI [4 Methods Explained]

You have brought your preferred kit and now you want to set it up and watch your favorite show or movie. If you think that only an HDMI cable is the way to connect your TV to the receiver, well this is definitely not.

It’s true that an HDMI cable is the best way to connect your TV to a receiver than how to connect TV to receiver without HDMI? Don’t worry if your device does not have an HDMI jack on the TV, receiver, or both, you must opt for alternative ways to connect them.

So, what other options do you have? Here check straight in this post!

Pre-Considerations for a Non-HDMI Connection

First, you must check for the kinds of ports you have. This will help you choose a simple alternative option based on the supporting ports of your kit.

Most of the devices without HDMI ports have a classic red and white and yellow sockets for video, which are similar to the conventional RCA ports.. There may be blue, green, and red ports as well. These are additional video connectors that offer better video quality experience.

So, based on the ports you have you may go for one or more types of way out.

How to Connect TV to Receiver without HDMI [4 Methods]

Way 1 – RCA Component

This is an advanced analog configuration. The ports in white and red color support this audio format. But some devices may have these ports in red, green, and blue color, which are video ports.

The additional ports are the advancement in video and audio connectivity. With these cables, you gain better visual signals along with better brightness and color contrast.

While video signals used to squash into a single yellow cable, it travels efficiently and fast through 3 different cables allowing HD resolution support to be 1080P high. As a result, you gain a much brighter, clearer, and enhanced viewing experience.

The RCA component cables are available in various configurations with white and red audio cables coupled together and green, blue, and red video cables enclosed separately. Or all of these may be available in a single casement. The important thing is that all the cables must be equal in length.

  • For this, spot inputs of different colors on the TV.
  • Plug all AV plugs into ports of similar colors.
  • Plug the second end of the AV cable to the receiver.

Way 2 – RCA to HDMI Connection Using a Cable

Another option is to purchase cables that convert RCA signals to HDMI and vice-versa. Though this seems a simple solution, it may not be the best one. It is because this cable offers the good signal equivalent to traditional RCA cable. This cable is unable to transmit the signal into high definition or digital format.

It is a cheaper option but may offer the same quality signal as would other cables.

Way 3 – RCA Composite

A standard way to develop a RCA connection is using the analog yellow, white and red connection. You need to purchase the corresponding cables and plug them into these ports to run both video and audio signals.

This sort of connection does not support HD content because the video signal is compressed to travel through the single yellow cable.

The traditional style cable is prone to signal interruptions from radio frequencies that negatively affects the picture quality. Though this kind of connection is old, a few new HDTVs do offer such ports that allow you to use only old gaming equipment and consoles.

You can use this connection to connect to your conventional 90s video camera as well. The steps you may follow are:

  • Consider the yellow, red and white inputs on the TV.
  • Plug them into the matching color.
  • Plug the cable’s other end into the receiver.

Way 4 – HDMI Converter

This one is definitely the best option. An HDMI converter is a compact device that improves the signal you receive from RCA into HDMI. It is so small that you can hide it along with the cables.

For establishing a connection using an HDMI converter, you need to link up the yellow, white and red cables from the device to the HDMI connector. When done, join HDMI cable to the converter unit and then connect it to your TV’s or receiver’s HDMI port.

Now, a secured connection is established between your receiver and TV and you may experience high-quality HD video and audio signals.

How to hook up cable box to tv without HDMI; follow given below steps

  • Use HDMI converter unit.
  • Plug the yellow, white, and red cables from the equipment into an HDMI connecting box.
  • Connect HDMI cable to the converter unit.
  • Plug the cable into the HDMI port.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I do if my TV does not have an HDMI port?

A. If your TV does not incorporate an HDMI port, you may use a switch box or an adapter. These units promote the signal to television.

Q. How can I convert my analog TV to HDMI?

A. Analog TVs don’t equip HDMI functionality but they can be converted to a smart TV be following these easy steps:

1. You need an HDMI cable and plug into one end of this cable to the source device. The other end of the cable can be plugged into the HDMI to RCA converter box.

2. Take red RCA cable and incorporate it into the red RC jack on the converter box. You may connect the other end of the cable to red RCA jack on the analog TV.

3. Just like the red RCA cable connection, connect the white RCA cable to the white RCA port on the converter.

4. Repeat the above step for the yellow RCA cable as well. 

5. Use the power cord that came with converter box and connect it to the power jack on the converter unit. You may plug in the power cord into the wall outlet or power strip.

6. Switch on your HDMI to RCA converter unit.

7. You may select the video input channel of your TV to A/V using the remote control.

Q. Can you convert RCA cable to HDMI?

A. It is possible to convert RCA to HDMI using an RCA to HDMI converter box. The 3 RCA plugs join to the adapter that connects into the HDMI device or display. You need an HDMI cable for making a secured connection. 

The conversion process is simple and scales the result from 720p to 1080p HD signal. Being an analog format, RCA cannot handle HD and hence the converter output may not be sound or grainy visual. 

Q. What is the difference between RCA to HDMI and HDMI to RCA?

A. The main difference between HDMI to RCA and RCA to HDMI is that HDMI carries digital signals while RCA carries analog signals. Hence, HDMI to RCA leads to HD signal conversion while RCA to HDMI leads to analog signal conversion. 

HDMI converter carries signals just like a way as computer transmit the file to another computer. RCA converter transmits signals through numerous voltages.

HDMI converters are powerful enough and can carry both video and audio signals through one plug. However, the RCA converter needs a video component for an additional cord to transfer audio. 

Final difference is the video quality. It is not necessary that HDMI always improve the quality. If you purchase a high – quality RCA cable, it can efficiently carry up to 1080p video signals. 

An HDMI to RCA converter is more costly than RCA to HDMI converter. 

Hope this post has offered you all the information needed to make a secure connection between your TV and receiver without HDMI. Enjoy your time!

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