How to Factory Reset Samsung Tablet?

Most people use a tablet for their personal and commercial purposes. The evolution of tablets and smartphones for work purposes has become very important. Thus, taking care of your Samsung Tablet is one of the most important things. Your tablet may get heated because of excessive work rate or even because of multiple reasons. But if it just got stuck and you are not being able to perform anything else, resetting the Samsung Tablet back to the default storage would be the viable option. Here is a quick look at how to factory reset Samsung Tablet.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Tablet?

Performing the factory reset on all Android developed devices is pretty much the safe. Doing it for your Samsung tablet is not an exception at all. You can follow the steps mentioned below to get underway with the factory reset on your Samsung tablet.

  • To do the factory reset you will first need to open up the settings page. Try hitting on the home button and now you can go to the menu option to open up the setting page.
  • The next step is to go to the reset menu. Type down reset on the search option if you are unable to find it manually!
  • You will now be able to see and erase all data. This option is basically known as the factory reset mode for all Samsung tablets available.
  • Simply give a tap on this option and you can now confirm the reset mode. You might be asked to give access and permission. If you have a password, you may need to enter the password as well.
  • Your Samsung tablet will now go into a complete factory reset mode. Do not touch your tablet right now because it is erasing the data. Make sure that it is also connected with a charger to ensure that the Samsung tablet does not switch off.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Factory Reset

If the Samsung tablet is locked and you are not being able to unlock this, there are different options that you can follow and what you do if you forgot Samsung tablet password.

  1. You can keep holding the power key for at least 10 seconds till it shows up in the reset menu option.
  2. In case you are not being able to manually tap on the reset mode with your screen, try using the volume down key. Each of your keystrokes will take you to the menu option down below.
  3. Now you can quickly press the power key of your Samsung tablet once you reach the reset mode. This will start performing the rest option on your Samsung tablet.
  4. You will now require permission to perform the hard reset here. Click on the yes option to delete all the stored data and the changes in settings.

Can you Recover Data After Factory Reset?

Data misfortune can be problematic, as this does happen more frequently than a great many people would accept. Data misfortune is unfortunate altogether, costing large corporations and organizations large amounts of cash and individuals may experience the ill effects of the impacts of losing some irreplaceable sentimental data like photographs. Whoever you are, data recuperation experts can recover and reinstate your lost data, saving you time, cash and stress.

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If you do not have the technical expertise, or you’re afraid of being caught by your companion while you are attempting to reveal what they have been up to as of late on their PDA or PC, consider utilizing PC or PDA legal sciences administration. Experts have the software, devices, and all the more important, the climate, to safely recuperate and undelete erased data from PCs and cells.

Costs for these administrations have descended throughout the long term, and a data recuperation expert can probably sort out erased data that you would miss during the recuperation cycle.


While you are performing a factory reset on your Samsung Tablet, you must keep in mind that the data stored inside will be removed or even erased. Once you do the hard reset, there will be no option to get the data back. It is important that you keep a backup of the data that you have stored in the Samsung Tablet. For an easier option, you can also connect your tablet to a PC and then copy the data.

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