How To Setup Dual Monitors with HDMI Splitter [Steps To Follow]

A lot of people do love to play games with dual monitors. Playing your favorite action games with such mode will give a new experience to the entire setup. This is why choosing a single output or a formidable screen splitting is important. But, how can you do that with a single cable? It’s simple- with the help of an HDMI splitter.

It’s a device that will allow you to split the view into two different devices or monitors at the same time. This is why choosing such a device will be much helpful. If you wish to experience the same, this guide on how to set up dual monitors with HDMI splitter is the exact thing that you needed the most. This will help you to gain a fast and easy method to split the screen.

What is an HDMI Splitter?

For transmitting audio-video data from one HDMI source to another HDMI receivers present is done using the HDMI splitter technology. It comes handy in situations where you feel the requirement of having an external source to connect with your television and sound system but you don’t have an HDMI ARC or eARC. This will be handy even if you want to watch content from source to several other devices.

An HDMI splitter will take one signal source and then will split it into two identical sources. They can be active by adding some external power or passive just by splitting the signal. However, passive HDMI splitters are used for a wide range of applications. In case, your setup requires a long cable, then an active HDMI splitter will be of a great choice.

HDMI Splitters That Bypass HDCP

To allow the HDMI splitter to bypass the HDCP, you need to figure out where the loophole is. To get this going, you can prepare for a fallback to deal correctly with the HDCP blues. Now, you will be able to find where the splitters are. You can look for the fallback mode which is based on the HDCP-compliant legacy.

This is because it will help you to configure two devices. Doing this will charge you around $40! Alternatively, you can look for other models that include cheap splitters. There are a lot of cheap splitters available which you can easily use with the product. You can also create a dual monitor setup with them.

Is Splitting an HDMI Signal Illegal?

Are you planning to illegally copy and distribute content? If yes, then it is probably illegal and you should refrain yourself from doing it. But, if you use the HDMI signal splitting for playing games or making a backup of your property or doing something fair, then it might not be illegal.


Choosing a splitter to use them to your monitor is a great way of experiencing the games. However, if you do not know the correct procedure, you won’t be able to configure it properly.

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