3 Ways to Use Bluetooth Speaker with Amazon Fire TV Stick [2021]

The Amazon Fire TV stick is an excellent media streaming device lending convenience to its users to watch their favorite movie, app, TV show, or other stuff on the bigger screen. Be it your projector, TV, or any other screen, you need to just hook it up and it is ready to go!

You can quickly convert your standard TV to a smart device and enjoy exploring thousands of applications, movies, channels, and songs. You can even browse through content over the internet.

But if you think this is about the Amazon Fire TV stick, then you are wrong. This device has more to offer!

With its newest updates, you can now connect this wonderful stick to your Bluetooth speakers, sound-bars, and headphones for upgrading sound quality and avail of some personal listening experience.

So, how can you pair up your Bluetooth speaker with your Fire TV stick?

The answer is that you can do this in a few simple steps.

Steps to Pair up Your Bluetooth Speaker with the Amazon Fire TV Stick

Pair up Your Bluetooth Speaker with the Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Activate Bluetooth Connectivity :

First, you need to switch on the Bluetooth connectivity functionality of your speaker so that it can be paired to the Fire TV stick. You may select the desired source for the TV stick and accommodate it to the same.

Activate Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Manage Settings :

As soon as you connect the Fire TV stick to your TV, projector or any other preferred device, a screen will pop up. You need to browse through the settings and check the option for Bluetooth devices and controllers. Here, you need to add your Bluetooth speaker with the TV stick. If your speaker is not showing up you may click on the ‘Discover Devices’ option.

  • Manage Settings of Your TV :

Once a secured connection is established you need to manage settings for your TV or AV receiver. It is important to set your TV into the HDMI output. Go to the home screen and the connectivity options will appear on the left column of the screen. Search for the ‘Settings’ tab and select it to make necessary changes.

  • You are done! :
Manage Settings of Your TV

That’s it! You can enjoy a personal TV watching time. You can turn the Bluetooth feature of your device off to disable the connection.

Does firestick have bluetooth? [Connect Headphones]

  • Just like your Bluetooth speakers, you can connect your Bluetooth Headphones with the Fire TV stick.
  • Switch on the Bluetooth connectivity feature of your headphones or AirPods.
  • Insert your Fire TV stick into the TV or receiver and check the settings for Bluetooth connection.
  • Choose the option for ‘other Bluetooth devices’ and when your headphones appear, press the select button.
  • After pairing two devices you can enjoy watching your favorite show or TV without external noise disturbances.
firestick have bluetooth

  • What About Connecting Bluetooth Disabled Speakers with Amazon Fire TV Stick?

If you don’t possess a Bluetooth-enabled speaker, it is best to use a Bluetooth Dongle. Using a dongle you can convert any standard speaker into a Bluetooth device.

This is an easy setup and works well.

  • Can Fire TV Stick Remote Control the Bluetooth Speakers?

Yes, when the Bluetooth speakers are connected to the Amazon Fire TV stick, it can remote control the speakers. Just make sure you properly pair up. If you discover any problem, you may switch off and on the Bluetooth speaker to automatically connect it.

  • Is it possible to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers with Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Now, if you want to fill your room with more sound then you may connect more than one Bluetooth speaker to your TV stick.

The process for such a connection is slightly complicated, but ultimately it is achievable. For this, you require a Bluetooth receiver or transmitter, which allows connecting two Bluetooth devices at once.

You need to connect the Bluetooth transmitter or receiver to the audio port of your screen as you will be receiving sound from the audio setup of your TV and not the Fire TV stick. Once a secured connection is achieved, you may pair up your Fire TV stick with numerous Bluetooth Speakers.

  • Can Your Fire TV Stick control the volume of Bluetooth Speakers?

Yes, when your Bluetooth speaker is connected to the Fire TV stick, you can control the volume of your speakers with the TV stick. But for this, you require a remote control.

The remote contains the ‘Home’ button which needs to be pressed. This will redirect you to the select ‘Apps’ option where you need to choose the correct volume app for launching it. Now, check the slider for Media Volume and adjust the volume level for your speakers.

  • What about Connecting the Soundbar to Your Fire TV Stick?

It is possible to make a connection between the soundbar and Amazon Fire TV stick. You simply have to connect the Fire stick to the HDMI input of the soundbar. There are numerous HDMI inputs available on the back of the soundbar.

Also, you need to connect the HDMI output port of your soundbar to your TV. It is best to use an HDMI cable for this connection. Finally, select the corresponding source on your TV stick and TV to enjoy a great visual experience.

Connecting the Soundbar to Your Fire TV Stick

Wrapping Up

You see, making a connection between a Bluetooth speaker and your Fire TV stick is so simple. You can even connect your headphones, soundbar and other sound systems to the TV stick for a wonderful and sound-filled room experience. If you haven’t purchased Bluetooth speakers yet, do check our post on the Best Bluetooth Speakers compatible with the Fire TV stick.

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