Huion Tablet Not Working With Photoshop? [How to Use]

Huion tablet is one of the best devices to have for a professional. Most people do consider having a Huion tablet for working on multimedia projects. Using Photoshop C5 and C6 could be important to use. A drawing tablet such as Huion could prove to be a helping hand to get your projects done faster. But most of the users do complain about the Huion tablet not working with photoshop.

Honestly, there are some technical difficulties that you might face at first while using the Huion Tablet. Suppose you’re facing the same issues—no need to panic at all.

How to Use Huion Tablet in Photoshop?

Step 1:

Look for the previous tablet drivers. You will have to check the driver version, and if required, you will have to uninstall the drivers. Make sure that the Huion Tablet is well connected with the PC.

Step 2:

Restart your PC. Wait for a few minutes till the computer is back again. Once it is back, you can now connect the Huion Tablet again back to the PC. Restarting your PC will allow the RAM to perform well.

Step 3:

Now you will have to install the drivers of your new device. The Huion tablet drivers must be missing on your PC, which is why you cannot connect the new pen. Download the updated version, and then you can install it on the Huion tablet on your PC. Keep in mind all the specifications and minimum requirements before you complete the installation.

Step 4:

Once you are done with the installation, you will have to open up the Photoshop application from your PC. You will have to go to the brush panel mode. You can open up the settings where you will get this mode.

Step 5:

Enable pressure sensitivity. Often, it is disabled for your use which you will have to enable. Go to the pressure sensitivity, and then you can insert the right pressure sensitivity. You can check the pen pressure points for the right result.

Step 6:

Look for the Huion Tablet properties and then look for the settings. Although the default settings should be good for use, it may still be a bit of a problem for you to use the Huion tablet properties. The best thing to do would be to customize the settings after understanding what your requirements are.

Huion Tablet Not Working With Photoshop

Huion Tablet Not Working With Photoshop

Many people have already complained about the Huion tablet not working with photoshop or especially the latest version of Adobe Photoshop, CS6, or even CS5. This is mainly because Windows 10 or 7 does not recognize the stylus pen involved, and it can get disconnected while working.


There are a few ways by which you can configure your Huion tablet and make it start working again. You can start by downloading the Windows Ink Suite and installing it. To make it work, you’ll have to press keys on the Huion application and then enable Windows Ink. The other alternative is to open up the Huion application. Here you will see the digital pen menu. Click on it and enable the pen to make it work.

Photoshop Tablet Settings

Step 1:

Installing the right set of drivers should be the first thing that you need to consider. Ensure that proper drivers are installed, which will help you recognize the Huion Tablet you are using. 

Step 2:

It is time to change the brush size and the opacity. You’ll first need to find the brush tool present here. Wait till the application opens up, and you can click on the opacity and flow.

Step 3:

Once you are down with these steps mentioned above, you can go to the brush size and the pen pressure again. This will allow you to change the size of the brush that you are using.

Step 4:

Now you can go to the brush scattering or even the color dynamic options. Click on this menu, and you will be able to change the configurations as needed. You can use the pen pressure to find out the pen tilt and alter Photoshop settings.

Step 5:

Check for the eraser. Go to Photoshop tools, and you can see the eraser option available here. You can sketch away from the eraser and make sure that it goes well.

How to Set Up Pen Pressure in Photoshop?

It would help if you got yourself connected with the Photoshop application, and then you can open up a new project.

You can now select the brush from the tools panel. Here you will need to have a look at the menu bar.

You can now click on the window options, and it will open up the brush setting menu. Now you can enter your choice of shape dynamics category.

Select the size jitter. You will get options like pen pressure and then control the drop-down menu option.

Which type of Pen is great for Photoshop? 


This device’s affectability to shift and pressing factor makes it perfect for digital image creation, altering, and repair. It offers an experience that simulates ink application really well. Spray distance, as well as slant angle, makes it exceptionally similar to how a real airbrush works. This instrument’s remarkable feature that separates it from the usual airbrush apparatus is how the finger wheel stays when released during the fine graduation level adjustment. Therefore, one can be assured that the ink application is constant.

Art Pen

When it comes to an art pen, it is slightly different than that of a regular pen.  This pen can be easily used for improved sensitivity. Go to drawing mode or enable graphics images. When it comes to the traditional maker, the Art pen has a precise 360-degree rotation option. As a result, it has better accuracy when it comes to drawing. Art pens are a better choice to make because. Also, it is much more affordable, and you can get better sensitivity with a better result.

Final Note: The Huion tablet is a great choice to make for your Photoshop works. By default, the pressure sensitivity is disabled because of technical reasons. Once you upgrade the drivers, you will have to enable the pressure sensitivity to keep using the Huion tablet.

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