TV Display No Signal When HDMI Cable is Connected [Fix It]

Are you one of those who have decided to watch a movie on your TV and as soon as you insert the HDMI cable in your TV the Alert of No Signal displays on your screen? Well, most importantly it becomes very necessary to understand what are the factors responsible for this and how we can fix them. Therefore, for such situations, there are some sets of methods that will help you to solve the issue. But before that let us have a look over the issues that are creating the problem.

What are the reasons behind this?

Well, there could be numerous reasons behind this. Maybe the connection is coupled loosely or maybe faulty hardware.  We have filtered some of the basic reasons that are responsible and they are listed below.

  1. Improper Connection
  2. Faulty Hardware
  3. Problem with the setup Box
  4. Cable is out of use
  5. Network Issue
  6. Fault in Antenna

Do check out for the reason that is troubling you. Find the problem and try to fix it soon. However, if you want to fix the issue at home then continue reading the article because we are up with amazing ideas that will surely help you to get the perfect enjoyment if you want to watch it on your TV. So let us check on those methods and find out which could be the best for you.

What happens when

1.HDMI is connected with a cable or other devices

Whether the HDMI port is connected with any external device or maybe with some other device the problem will revolve around one thing and that is the improper connection between them. Whenever such a problem is faced then make sure that you check on the connection set up in between the devices.

Steps to fix it up

Step 1: Ensure that the TV has the correct input connection. To do that click on the Start button and the input device will be displayed on the screen. You can check it via that.

Step 2: Make sure that the connection established between the external device is correct or not. Go through the following steps if the NO Signal message is still displayed:

  • Power off the external device for a few seconds.
  • Shift the HDMI cable from one port to the other port of the TV.
  • Now again insert the devices and give them the power source
  • As the TV now supports the new HDMI port, check if the problem is resolved.

Step 3: If your problem is still there then go to the menu option on your external device and set the by default resolution to a 1080i.

Step 4: If still the no signal message is displayed on the screen, then you need to check your TV and the cable box. To check it, remove the cable box and insert the other external device. Now, if the message disappears then your TV is perfectly fine but not your cable box. Call the cable operator to fix it.

Step 5: Even after the alert signal is displayed then it is your TV. Provide service to your TV then.

2.HDMI connection with a Laptop or PC

If your TV is connected with the laptop or PC, the very first thing that needs to be noticed is the input signal is connected well with the output port. If it is not connected properly, it will continue to display the message of NO signal.

Steps to fix it

Step 1: Check which HDMI port of the TV is connected with the PC or laptop.

Step 2: Go to the start button. Click on the Input icon. Here select the right HDMI input.

Step 3: Set the correct resolution that is required for displaying the best quality on your TV. Generally, 1920*1080 is what gives the best quality. This is the standard resolution that is required to run on the TV to get the perfect image.

Step 4: If the screen still displays No signal, change the HDMI cable as the original one might be faulty. So, go with a different cable.

Step 5: Even if the problem is still there then try to insert the HDMI cable in an alternative port and change the input of the TV. If none of the works then provide service to your TV.

3.DVI Connected to HDMI

DVI output cable basically allows the PC to give the high definition to your TV. So when the DVI gets connected with the HDMI the signal in between them allows the Pc with a DVI output only.

Steps to fix it

Step 1: Find which HDMI port has been connected with the PC or laptop.

Step 2: Click on the Start Option and go to the Input icon. Now, Choose the HDMI input with which the HDMI cable is connected. Find the Device Name.

Step 3: It’s time to set the laptop output resolution which the TV supports. Generally, 1920*1080 is the standard resolution that the TV supports. And it gives the best quality video.

Step 4: If still the message or no signal has been displayed, use the cable over the computer monitor to check if the HDMI DVI cable is functioning properly or not.

4.Coaxial cable gets connected with the Cable Box

The Coaxial cable is used for Standard Definition that’s all. Therefore, just check it for once, whether TV supports the HD or STD.

Steps to fix it

Step1: Make sure that the HDMI port is connected to the correct input port of the TV. Check it by selecting the Start Button and then the Input option. To check the correct input port press Enter.

Step 2: Ensure that the device is powered on and is running.

Step 3: Make sure the cables must be connected firmly.

Tip: Do not connect the cables forcefully otherwise the ports may get damaged.

Step 4: Press the up/down key on the TV remote.  And let it function in between the 3 and 4 channel set.

Step 5: again if NO signal message is displayed on the screen, contact the cable operator.

5.Coaxial cable is connected with Antenna.

Sometimes the Antenna is unable to get a good signal. Maybe you are receiving the ad signal and therefore the No signal message pops up on your screen.

Steps to fix it

Step 1: It is necessary to check the correct HDMI input port connected with the TV. To do that, click on Start Button and further select the Input Option. Press enter to check the correct input port.

Step 2: Ensure the coaxial cable is connected with the TV correctly or not.

Step 3: Check on the other TV at your home whether they are working or displaying the same message of NO signal. Sometimes, the local stations from the bad signals are received and therefore the No Signal alert pops up on the screen. In such cases contact our cable operator.

Step 4: On the other hand if the other TV is functioning well then you need to scan the channels. If one or two channels are working then the antenna needs to be relocated somewhere or the other.

Or, if still the message is displayed then your TV needs servicing.


The above methods are the best possible solution that you need to perform. As these are the only issues why the problem occurs, therefore, work on them. So if you are connecting with any of the above methods and the TV is displaying the no signal then you can fix it and if none of the methods work for you then call the cable box operator or the TV requires servicing this time.

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