What Does HDMI No Signal Mean? How To Fix

When you face a no signal problem it means that your device is not detecting signals from any external input, so you need to check that which external device is not sending signals. This problem can be because of various things including input source, connections, device drivers, updates, or maybe your cable is not functioning properly and not connecting the devices properly.

Fixing No Signal Issue

The no signal issue on HDMI is mainly because of the configuration of the port settings or the software settings, you can fix this issue by trying the below methods.

Check Input Source

Before doing anything just check the input source on the TV or monitor, confirm if you have connected the cables correctly in the right ports, and change the input source to HDMI. Some TVs and monitors have their input source button hidden inside, so go through the user manual and find the button to change it to HDMI.

This will probably resolve the issue but if it does not work then try other methods.

Check Connections

If the issue does not resolve after changing the input source to HDMI then check the connections between cables and ports on both output and the input device and also set correct projections on the PC.

To set projection-

  • Press Windows+P and you will see display settings.
  • Select the Duplicate or the Extend option to set the right projection.

Enable HDMI Connection Settings:

Enable HDMI connection setting if you want to connect your phone or tablet to the TV.

  • Go to the settings and select display entries.
  • Click on the HDMI connection.
  • Enable the HDMI connections.

Reconnect all HDMI Sources:

If you have more then one HDMI source connected then try doing this.

  • Unplug all the devices from the HDMI ports.
  • Remove the power cable from the TV or monitor for some time and then plug it again.
  • Plug a device to the HDMI port.
  • Turn on the device.
  • Repeat these steps for each device.

Check Firmware updates:

If none of the above methods works then check if any firmware update is available for the HDMI source that can resolve the no signal issue.

Do Factory Reset:

The last option is to do a factory reset if none of the methods work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why is the HDMI signal dropping out?

The HDMI signal can drop out because of faulty hardware, loose connections, HDMI input, etc. To solve this problem check your HDMI cable and ensure that all the things are connected to the right places and tighten all the connections. Also, try changing the HDMI input.

Q2: When should I use an HDMI Repeater or Extender kit?

You should use an HDMI repeater or Extender Kit when the HDMI cable distance is longer than 10 meters.

Q3: What is Power Cycling?

Power cycling is the process of recovering an electronic device from the unresponsive state by resetting all the configuration parameters of the device. To do power cycling on your device you just need to disconnect all the HDMI cables and turn the power off and after some time turn on the device again.

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