What Does User Busy Mean? User Busy iPhone Meaning

Even after calling the other person infinitely, you still get the same message, ‘the User is Busy.’ Does this mean that the user has blocked your number or does this mean he is out of network area?

There could be numerous reasons for the problem. So, we will let you understand what exactly it means and how you can easily solve this problem.

What does User Busy Mean?

The meaning is exactly the same as what the message says, which means the party you are calling is unavailable and busy. This message is provided through the network and confirms what it is being told.

Reasons Why You Get the ‘User Busy’ Message

Before you head towards finding a solution to this problem, you need to discover the actual reason. The possible reasons for appearance of such a message can be as follows:

  1. The user is busy on another call
  2. The call waiting option on the user’s phone is turned off
  3. There is too much interference in the network
  4. The network lines are damaged
  5. There is no network coverage in the user’s area
  6. The user has blocked your number
  7. Your number has been directed to voicemail

Does User Busy Mean Your Number is Blocked by the User?

If you get this message from a standard cell phone, it is mainly because of heavy network congestion. In this situation, your network is unable to secure a channel because of network issues. Also, it could be because of a wireless network outage affecting the service in your region.

In Android versions, there is a special feature where incoming calls from particular people can be sent directly to voicemail. When someone blocks your number, your call gets disconnected in a single ring and it then speaks a message that the number you are calling is busy.

If you are receiving a busy signal from the iPhone, you have been blocked. While sending a text message and it appears the message is delivered then you are sending a message to a person by whom you have been blocked. Your iMessage may be delivered in the same way as the text message.

What to Do When You Get ‘User Busy’ Message

To ensure you don’t witness the ‘user busy’ message, you must confirm the problem and check if the user you are trying to connect with is really busy.

For this, you need to call at least 2 to 3 times. If still, your call is not answered, wait for a couple of minutes before calling again.

Again, try to call the user after some time. If the ‘user busy’ message appears, it might be the user is cutting your phone intentionally.

The problem can be because of a heavy network or maybe that servers within your area are undergoing maintenance. If the problem still persists, you may get a new SIM card or check for a list of blocked numbers.

How to Manually Disable and Enable User Busy Settings

You would be amazed to know that enabling or disabling user busy settings in a phone is very simple. Check our expert hacks for this!

How to Manually Enable User Busy Settings on a Phone

1. Turn on the Flight / Airplane Mode

It is a useful trick for both Android and iPhone users. By simply turning on the airplane/flight mode, you can make your phone appear busy to the users.

2. Enable the Calling Barring Functionality

Another proven way to avoid incoming calls coming to your phone is enabling the call barring feature.

For this, you need to go to your phone’s settings and click on calls. Check the option for call barring and switch it on.

3. Turn on Call Forwarding

Another very simple way to make your phone busy is to turn on call forwarding functionality on the smartphone. It is the simplest way to forward any unknown or random number.

This works great for both iOS and Android phones. It also makes your phone unreachable to the other person.

4. Keep Changing Mobile Network

 It is one of the simplest ways to make your phone unreachable or busy. You need to change your phone network regularly by changing the settings. For this, follow these steps:

  • Open the system settings and you will find the mobile and network settings.
  • Now, choose the manual settings and choose any random network appearing on your phone. Eventually your phone will appear unreachable or busy.
  • Later disable the settings and select the original network.

5. Enable Call Rejection Functionality

Finally, you may try the call rejection or auto-reject hack to avoid receiving unwanted calls. Just activate the auto-rejection option by following these steps:

  • Open the phone settings.
  • Open the call settings
  • Enable the auto-reject option and finally disable it after use.

How to Manually Disable User Busy Settings on a Phone

Just like the way you enable user busy settings on your phone, you can similarly disable the settings manually. The ways to fix them are:

1. Turn Off Call Barring

If call barring is activated on your phone, you need to turn it off by changing the settings.

  • Open the call icon from the phone’s menu.
  • Tap on three vertical dots on the search bar, open the settings and tap on calling accounts.
  • Select call barring and turn off all the options.

2. Check Flight Mode on the Phone

If the flight / airplane mode on your phone is activated, you need to turn it off.

3. Check DND Settings

Make sure you have not blocked any number and check the phone for DND settings.

For Android phones, open the settings and deactivate the Do Not Disturb option. For the iphone, open the settings, tap on DND option and toggle it off. You can even prepare a schedule if you don’t want to get disturbed at certain times.

4. Check Auto-reject Settings

For most of the phones, you need to change the auto-reject settings by tapping all calls and disabling auto reject.

5. Turn Off Call Forwarding

Open the settings and click on the call forwarding option. Now choose the disable feature of call forwarding. Also, check that all options are disabled and turned off.


While ‘user busy’ is just a message, the reasons for it could be many. You cannot control the settings in someone else’s phone but can make necessary changes in the settings to keep your phone busy whenever you want and disable the same whenever you don’t want.


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