Why Is My Roku Remote Blinking?

Having a Roku device in your home means you are about to get an amazing streaming option in front of you. With the help of a Roku remote, you can access the box from anywhere in your home, and that you can do with Roku remote app download.

Unlike the standard IR remotes, these devices from Roku come along with an insight function. As a result, Roku does not require the remote to stay in sight.

You can access the remote from a distance and even facing other directions. However, finding technical glitches with the product can be a common issue.

It causes you to get a bigger problem if you don’t get the Roku for tv remote fixed. The green light may not blink because of a problem and you won’t be able to work with this. However, the Roku remote website offers you various solutions are as follows.

How to Fix Roku Remote Blinking

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Solution 1: Old Battery Problems

Step 1:

The first thing you need to open up the back of the remote and the battery slot of this device. You can open up the battery compartment and remove the old batteries. Insert the batteries again and make sure that the roku is turned off.

Step 2:

The next thing you need to do in Roku remote is to hold onto the button of the pairing. Press it for a few seconds and you’ll be able to see if the error is still having the same problem. If it does not work, remove the batteries again and replace them with a good and decent pair of compatible batteries.

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Step 3:

To allow the remote to work, you will have to pair back the device with Roku again and allow it to perform well. Press on the reset button so that you can go for a factory reset option. Wait for the device to complete this configuration and now you will be able to power it back again.

Step 4:

To pair back the Roku remote, you will have to follow the initial steps of pairing. This guide is also available on the official website of Roku which allows you to complete the pairing of this device. You can now check the condition of the green light blinking and working again.

 Solution 2: Remote Flashing Problems

If you find the device is flashing too many times without any continuous disruption, it is clearly indicating something serious. As a result, the problem could be serious and ignoring this could land you into trouble. If the remote is not working properly, here are some steps that you need to follow for a simple restart and configuration.

Step 1:

To start this procedure, you need to disconnect the power source from all the devices that are present. Now simply go to remove the batteries from the back of the remote.

Step 2:

Once this is done, reconnect the power cable back to the roku device. Switch on the power but do not turn on the roku from your remote. Let it turn on automatically and wait for your instructions.

Step 3:

The next thing that you need to do is to go to the settings menu of the device. Use your remote for this navigation and you can now go to the system settings page. Once you go there. Tap on the system restart menu. Click on restart to allow the device to restart.

Step 4:

Now you can replace the batteries and turn on the remote just when you find out the roku logo back on screen. Check the remote and the green light problem will be gone by now.

How to Pair the Remote again

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Step 1:

For roku remote pairing, once you remove the old batteries, the roku remote will be back to the default settings. You will now have to pair it again with the product to allow it to work perfectly.

Step 2:

To pair it back with the TV, you need to bring the battery back to the remote and power it on. Wait for a few seconds to allow the Roku box to turn on. You can get an indication just when you find that the roku logo is now displayed.

Step 3:

When you find the roku logo is displayed, you need to press the power button. Don’t leave your fingers for at least 10 seconds as it will allow you to pair the remote with this device.

Step 4:

Once it starts to pair, there will be a green light flashing on the Roku. It clearly indicates that the remote has now been paired with this device. Sometimes, Roku remote not working if there is a technical glitch.

You may have to repair it again. Try out repairing this remote again with the Roku device.


The HDMI connector plays out a big role when it comes to the usage of your Roku device. If the Roku is connected with the eternal HDMI, it will be the primary source of connection. Because of this, the remote might face some problems pairing up with the Roku device.

Although you will be able to change the controls and the settings easily, it may take some time to get the device properly configured. The best way to get your TV remote working is to plug in the roku directly to the TV set and not with the help of any intermediate option.

You can also use the HDMI port to connect it with the TV but keep the remote at a working distance away from this device. This will allow you to establish a secure connection with the Roku device.


The Roku is an exceptional device to choose from when it comes to watching your favorite movies and shows. Having a Roku remote will surely make this experience better.

If you are facing the same green light not blinking problem with the roku device, it won’t be easy for anyone to alter the settings or change the stream.

By following the steps mentioned above you can easily fix the green light blinking issue in your Roku remote. If it still does not work, consider purchasing a new remote. So after buying a new remote you can surf what’s on the Roku channel & enjoy it.

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