WIFI is need of the hour these days. Doesn’t matter if you are trying to attend your online class or present an important meeting on google meet, it’s the most common way of internet connection.
Though sometimes, there are irregularities or interference in the network due to many reasons, one being the presence of any other stronger connection. Yes, it’s super irritating, and all of us are familiar with this situation.

But, relax, we got you covered. You are just at the right site to get that unwanted signal out of your window screen forever. The most convenient way is to block the signal, transferring it to the blacklist.

Doing so, the network will simply stop showing on your screen again and again. Though there are other methods available as well.


The primary factor is the close range of your neighbor’s WIFI and multiple strong signals, creating obstacles in your connection. When the other network is stronger, they might overlap, creating issues. The strength can be known by looking at the frequency, visible on the screen.

If its frequency is higher than yours, there are chances that your device might connect to your neighbor’s signal. To avoid this, you can go for a network with high frequency.

There are various frequencies with different ranges and bandwidth, you can select one at your convenience, or you can use any of the remedies listed below


It’s a series of simple steps1-Search “command prompt” in your system.

  1. Right-click and run as administrator.
  2. Type the code- “netsh WLAN add filter permission=block ssid=” WIFI NAME” networktype=infrastructure”
  3. In place of “WIFI NAME”, type the name of the wifi signal you want to block.
  4. Hit enter. A message “filter is added successfully” will show on screen.
  5. That’s all. For ex- if the WIFI you want to block is- Redmi. Type the code as — “netsh wlan add filter permission=block ssid=”Redmi” networktype=infrastructure”
  6. Copy, paste this code, and Hit enter. Check the connection list, the unwanted signal won’t be there.
  7. Follow the command over and over to remove as many unwanted networks you wish to.

In case, you deleted the wrong network, and want to undo your changes, type this command- – “netsh WLAN delete filter permission=block ssid=”WIFI NAME” networktype=infrastructure”. The filter will be gone, and the network you want would be restored.


Another instant method is to change the location of the router. Another network’s strong frequency plays a crucial role. This is often the prime reason for interference.

A quick remedy is to refresh your router, and if the problem still doesn’t cease, try changing the position of your router. Shift it in the direction opposite your neighbor’s wall.

As the distance is less in neighboring areas, this method doesn’t always work, but worth a try, as it saves time. In case, the connection is still interrupted, no worries, you can go for the next method.


Before the dawn of wireless connections, data, including the internet was transferred through cables. This method though not prevalent much is still used. Last but not least, you should try ethernet cables.

They offer zero resistance and a safe interference-free connection. These cables are easily available in electronic stores and play a crucial role in case of urgency.

There’s a port in laptop and in phones too, to connect this to your device, the other end is already connected to the router.

Fiber optic cable is wildly in use for better speed and connection. In case there are too many networks, and your system doesn’t connect to the right one, ethernet cables are the best method.
These three ways can help you from constant interruption of your neighbor’s wifi, saving you crucial time. There are other ways as well- like you can talk to your neighbor about this issue, switching timings.
Or you can opt for a room, away and walled to reduce the frequency. But these methods might not be comforting and give a permanent solution. Thus if can try to change the position of the router or frequency, or the best just block it.

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