How To Change My ATT Wifi Password [Change ATT WiFi Name From Phone]

People usually think that changing wi-fi passwords aren’t simple, but the truth is- they definitely are. You can change ATT wifi name and password from phone password in an easy manner while keeping the AT&T U-Verse network secure. AT&T gives you two important methods that will help you update your password. One of them could be done with the help of a good internet connection.

Smart Home Manager

You can set your AT& TU password with the help of Smart Home Manager. All website details can be used to make change wifi details from devices that have a stable internet connection. For this, you need to do the following

  • Log on to the smart home manager page
  • Go to the main menu
  • Choose more
  • Go to the chosen network
  • Pick the right wifi network
  • You can also change the name of the network as well as wifi password
  • Save all your changes

AT& T U Verse Router [Change WifI Name]

Logging directly into the router will also help you reset the password. You may also require a hardwire for the router. Use the following steps to get the job done.

How To Change My ATT Wifi Password
  • Log into your router
  • Go to Wireless
  • Switch to the home network
  • You could also enter the usual Device Access Code
  • Set a proper network name and the wifi password
  • Save your changes 
  • And the job is done!

How To Change My ATT Wifi Password With AT&T U-Verse

Using the usual Wi-Fi access point of the gateway is useful for all the subscribers. But, in case you possess the usual Wi-Fi router or prefer online gaming or any other advanced method of networking, you’d probably want to use your own router instead of using the wi-fi that’s already built-in.

A lot of computers come with 802.11n capability. If yours is one of them, file sharing can much fast sing your own router. You could also use your own router if there are other features you have in mind. Your router may also include other features which the 2wire gateway won’t offer.

If there’s a wireless router of your own, ensure it doesn’t interfere with the gateway. The default is usually 192.168.1.x. In case the router is within the same subnet, you will need to change to another network before you connect it to the gateway.

If you want to check the IP address and plug in some subnet, make sure to connect after you have opened the network connection status in the window. After this, you can click directly on the details button.

If you still prefer to make changes, log into the control panel of the router by simply entering your IP address inside the browser and then find the LAN settings or network. Next, you could plug your router by connecting your cable to the router’s port and the other one to the other ports of the gateway. The power cord also needs to be plugged inside the wall.

The router you have must receive the usual IP address from the network of the gateway. Even if you can access the internet on the router, you should also configure the firewall and connect your router directly to the wifi. This will also prevent any issues from occurring if you are using a few internet applications.

Start your connection with the gateway with the help of ethernet or wifi and then you can bring the control panel by using the IP address into the browser. After this, click on settings, applications, pinholes, firewall, etc.

Next, under the select step, select the router’s link, which could also be labeled with the router’s MAC address, you can also find the address printed on your router. After this, click on the allow applications options and then click on save.

However, do keep in mind that the model number of your gateway is i38hg and versions of all models and control panels could wary.

You may also disable your wifi or gateway by simply clicking on settings, wireless and then you can choose disabled for wireless point. But you must avoid doing this if you wish to share music and photos from your TV and computer.

What Are The Benefits Of Keeping Your Own AT&T Router?

There are various reasons you can use your AT&T routers instead of using the usual compatible DSL router combinations which you get from the Uverse. Some of the things you can consider include:

Fast Internet

Having a router of your own will allow you to have fast internet. It will also give you some extra boost and send signals in all networks with the help of a wireless device. If there’s a third party, it will help you boost your speed and ensure there’s not too much lag or suffering.

Boosted Coverage

The usual AT&T modem you often find at stores may not be sufficient for apartments or large homes. Keeping an extra router will also allow you to have good coverage even through the network. A lot of this depends on the house size, the number of walls and flowers next to your home. Your router could be located centrally and will help in boosting coverage where you require it.

Better Control

Having a good quality router also means having better control over the network system. It also leads you to better security, regardless of whether it is a guest network, VPN, or parental controls. Keeping an AT&T router won’t just assure you security but also make life a lot simpler and easy. You can definitely trust this additional router to get the job done. 

Yes, AT&T gateways work perfectly for customers, but it could also leave discontent notes since it doesn’t give you a lot of signal coverage. You could use a mesh extender to solve this problem. This will also ensure that your house gets expansive coverage. A good tried and tested method will deliver excellent fiber speeds, so make sure you always opt for an option like that. 

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