▷ 10 Best DSL Modem Router Combo | My Review With Comparison [2022]

In today’s era, there’s no one who would tolerate a lousy internet connection, be it wired or wireless. We all want to have seamless network connectivity at all times, even if it’s our home or our office. Well, you must be knowing that for maintaining a good internet connection, different things like network router, WiFi router, network switch, or modem are required. If you want a strong connection, then you will need all these things working together.

When a single WiFi is connected to many devices, it’s certain that the speed of the internet will be affected. So, the solution to this problem and to replace all the needed devices is a single combo device known as a DSL modem router. This device will take over all the routers and modems that you need to stabilize the connection. In this way, you’ll have a mess-free device installed and a stable and strong internet connection as well. 

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Well, finding the best DSL modem router combo for your home or office is not an easy job. If this is your first time, then you need to know a lot of things before purchasing one, which we’ll be discussing here only. All and all, to help you get the best DSL modem router reviews, we’ve covered some great options for you.

10 Best DSL Modem Router combo Reviews

1. Motorola MG8702 | DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem + Wi-Fi Router (High Speed Combo) | AC3200 Wi-Fi Speed | Approved For Comcast Xfinity, Cox, And Charter Spectrum– Best Speed

When it comes to DSL modem router combos, Motorola is one of the trusted companies in the market. Their products are known for their high quality and professional performance. From their modem-router combo series, we have picked the MG8702. 

This is a DOCSIS 3.1 modem + router engineered with innovative technology and a future-proof design. The DOCSIS 3.1 enables it to offer extended coverage and lightning-fast internet speed. It is also backward compatible with older versions of DOCSIS such as 3.0, 2.1, or 1.1

The MU-MIMO technology serves as an intelligent traffic control letting the router communicate effectively to several devices simultaneously. With multi-processor technology, the latency is reduced, while the Broadcom Full-Band Digital Tuner decreases the response time, providing the seamless performance that you need. 

It offers a speed of 3200 Mbps along with beamforming technology to ensure that all devices can access the fast internet without interruptions. Furthermore, it provides many more additional features such as wide compatibility, easy setup, futuristic design, and more. Buying this DSL modem router combo will definitely save you from monthly rental fees and provide much powerful performance compared to rental modems. 


  • Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 2.88 x 9.75 inches.
  • Product Weight: 2.15 pounds.
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi, Ethernet.
  • Data Transfer Rate: 3200.0 Mb per second.


  • Powerful and professional performance. 
  • Effortless setup process. 
  • Good value for the price. 


  • Inadequate tech support. 
Motorola MG8702 | DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem + Wi-Fi...
10,236 Reviews
Motorola MG8702 | DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem + Wi-Fi...
  • Instantly upgraded you WiFi performance with advanced tech...
  • Access the fastest cable internet plans available, with the...
  • Includes a built-in high speed AC3200 WiFi router with Power...
  • Intelligent mobile app - Comes with a smart WiFi app for...

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2. NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable Modem WiFi Router Combo (C7800) | Cable Plans Up to 2 Gigabits | AC3200 WiFi Speed | DOCSIS 3.1– Best DOCSIS 3.1

If you need a modem router combo for high-end gaming and HD streaming, then this product by NETGEAR should be on your wishlist. This DOCSIS 3.1 modem-router combo is specially designed to deliver the ultimate speed and extended coverage. 

The maximum speed this device can deliver is up to 3.2 Gbps. You can indulge in most heavy-duty internet activities such as HD streaming, multi-player gaming, and much more with such high internet speed. 

From the combined benefits of beamforming technology and amplified antennas, it has an extremely long range of 3000 square feet. You can access high-speed internet in all your smart devices without latency because of its intelligent technology that selects between the dual bands to optimize performance. The maximum number of devices it can connect to is 45. 

It has four-gigabit ethernet ports to maximize its connectivity. Although its advanced features enable it to deliver excellent performance, its user interface is not overwhelming. The setup process is extremely simple and short. 

The additional features include compatibility with most major internet providers, parental controls, and several wireless security protocols. 


  • Product Dimensions: 10.4 x 12.4 x 7.5 inches.
  • Product Weight: 3.15 pounds.
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi, Ethernet.
  • Data Transfer Rate: 3200.0 Mb per second.


  • Delivers a remarkable performance. 
  • It is easy to install. 
  • Steady and strong wifi signal.


  • It is an expensive modem+router. 
NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable Modem WiFi Router Combo...
5,284 Reviews
NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable Modem WiFi Router Combo...
  • Compatible with all major cable internet providers with...
  • Save monthly rental fees: Model C7800 replaces your cable...
  • Get up to 3000 square feet wireless coverage and 45 devices...
  • Four (4) Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 hi-speed USB 3.0 ports...

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3. NETGEAR Cable Modem WiFi Router Combo C6220 – For Cable Plans Up to 200 Mbps | AC1200 WiFi Speed | DOCSIS 3.0– Best Compatible With All

NETGEAR is one of the leading brands when it comes to wireless networking devices. Hence, it is not shocking that you will find more than one NETGEAR modem+router combos in this list. If you found that the NETGEAR AC3200 is overkill for you, then the NETGEAR AC1200 might fit your requirements. 

This model is a smaller version of the NETGEAR AC3200. It has a coverage of 2000 square feet and a maximum speed of 1200 Mbps. However, it is capable of providing just as powerful performance as the AC3200. 

It can provide seamless connections in 20 devices. Features such as beamforming technology, two external antennas, and versatile connections let it provide ultimate performance. Therefore, whether it is online gaming, HD streaming, or simple net surfing, this modem+router will be just right for you. 

Manufacturers have also tried to keep its user interface as simple as possible. The installation process is quite straightforward. It is compatible with almost every major internet provider, such as Comcast, COX, and Spectrum. So why pay the hefty rent to your internet provider when you can get superior performance at less price from NETGEAR?


  • Product Dimensions: 9.23 x 6.1 x 2.25 inches.
  • Product Weight: 0.95 pounds.
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi, Ethernet.
  • Data Transfer Rate: 1200.0 Mb per second.


  • Impressive performance and stable networks. 
  • Durable and sleek design. 
  • No issues during installation.


  • The device does not come with a coaxial cable. 
  •  Not long-lasting. 
NETGEAR Cable Modem WiFi Router Combo C6220 -...
  • SAVE MONTHLY RENTAL FEES: Model C6220 replaces your cable...
  • SPEEDS BY CARRIER: Xfinity (up to 200Mbps), Cox (up to...
  • FAST WiFi PERFORMANCE: Get up to 1200 sq ft wireless...

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4. ARRIS SURFboard SBG7600AC2 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem & AC2350 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router, Approved for Cox, Spectrum, Xfinity & others (black)– Best DOCSIS 3.0

If you have a limited budget and want an affordable modem+router combo, then you might be interested in this ARRIS SURFboard SBG7600AC2. This is a dual-band modem router combo that is compatible with the leading US internet providers such as spectrum, cox, and more. A unique feature of this device is its user-friendliness. The manufacturers have put in extra effort to make it as convenient to use as possible. 

With this modem router combo, you will never have to worry about huge messes of wires and finding ample space for router and modem. This is designed to take up less space and reduce the number of wires to as few as possible for greater convenience. 

There are four-gigabit ethernet ports at the back of the device and one USB port in front to expand its connectivity. It offers 32 downstream and 8 upstream channels, which makes it a great choice for gaming and streaming. 

It can provide a data transfer rate of up to 1400 Mbps and is most ideal for internet plans of 600 Mbps speed. Furthermore, it comes with a SURFboard manager app that can be used to manage and control the modem and router combo device remotely. All in all, this is a great product for its price. 


  • Product dimensions: 9.72 x 4.06 x 9.5 inches.
  • Product weight: ‎2.64 pounds.
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB.
  • Data Transfer Rate: 1400 Mb per second.


  • Highly affordable price. 
  • User-friendly interface. 
  • Futuristic and space-saving design.


  • The build quality is not up to the mark. 
  • Lacks the latest technology such as amplifier antennas and more. 
ARRIS SURFboard SBG7600AC2 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem...
  • DOCSIS Cable Modem, AC2350 dual-band Wi-Fi, 4 port Gigabit...
  • Compatible with major U.S. Cable Internet Providers...
  • 32 downstream & 8 upstream channels. Best for cable internet...
  • Wave 2 AC2350 dual-band concurrent Wi-Fi Router with 4...

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5. Actiontec GT701D Ethernet DSL Modem With Routing Capabilities– Easy To Install

Actiontec offers a full line of excellent DSL products, and this modem with routing capabilities is one of them. This is a simple modem with all the basic features to cover your everyday internet needs around the house. 

What makes it stand out from the rest of the products on the list is that it is an energy-efficient and eco-friendly DSL modem+router combo. With cutting-edge technology, it is able to reduce energy consumption so that buyers can get seamless internet without worrying about long electricity bills. Its power adapter utilizes 30 percent less energy than traditional adapters. 

However, with its sturdy hardware architecture and ADSL2/2 speed support, you would not have compromised the performance for energy efficiency. It ensures that the connection to the internet is optimized to offer faster downloads and seamless gaming. 

Installing this modem+router is easier than ever. Simply connect it to your PC, open the browser and click on auto-connect. No trouble with hectic CD installations and complicated instructions. Moreover, it is compatible with the most popular internet cable providers Qwest, Century Link, Frontier, AT&T, Verizon, etc. 

This is an affordable modem and router combo that will not only save your money by setting you free from the burden of paying monthly rental fees to your modem cable provider and by consuming less energy but also provide an impressive performance. 


  • Product dimensions: 4.23 x 1.57 x 3.15 inches.
  • Product weight: 0.70 lbs. 
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi, Ethernet.
  • Data Transfer Rate: 1400 Mb per second.


  • Less energy consuming and eco-friendly. 
  • Provides equally good performance as other units by popular brands. 
  • Most simple to install. No CD installation is required. 


  • Does not include the latest features such as MI-MIMO and others. 
Actiontec GT701D Ethernet DSL Modem with Routing...
760 Reviews
Actiontec GT701D Ethernet DSL Modem with Routing...
  • Energy efficient design
  • Actiontec GEU003AD3B-01 1-Port DSL Modem
  • Web site blocking
  • Port Forwarding

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You can expect high quality, durability, and excellent functionality at a modest price from Century Link, as it has been producing wireless networking devices for seventeen years. ZyXEL C1100Z offers some of the best specs for its price. 

It is no surprise that this modem + router combo provides an outstanding internet speed, reliable connection, and wide coverage, given that it is engineered with high-potential DLS technology. You can sit back, relax and indulge in all your internet activities, whether gaming, streaming, or any high-bandwidth task, seamlessly. 

This modem+router combo device is compact and hence, easily fits into any small space in your home. It has an LED panel in front to display the device status. The back of the device has different ports such as 4-gigabit ethernet ports, USB, DSL, and more. Just push the WPS button to connect a device in a blink of an eye. 

The exterior of the device is created to resist scratches and fingerprints. Furthermore, the matte finish makes the appearance modern and somber. With two integrated antennas, you can work at any part of the house without worrying about dropping or unstable networks. 

It also includes robust security protocols such as ethernet firewalls to protect user information and data from malware and theft. The WPS button prevents unauthorized users from connecting to the network using the password. 


  • Product dimensions: 10.6 x 10.1 x 2.6 inches.
  • Product weight: ‎1.06 pounds.
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB.
  • Data Transfer Rate: 300 Mb per second.


  • Robust security protocols. 
  • Scratch-proof and durable exterior. 
  • Stable wifi throughout the range. 


  • Failure issues from a few buyers. 
ZyXEL C1100Z 802.11n VDSL2 Wireless Gateway...
576 Reviews
ZyXEL C1100Z 802.11n VDSL2 Wireless Gateway...
  • Power cord included
  • Phone cord included

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This modem-router combo is packed with not just basic features but also several advanced features. Hence, the name smart wifi router. The Archer A7 has truly set the bar high for other modem router combos. 

This is possibly one of the best modem+router combos in the market. It is cost-effective, dependable, and far-reaching. The maximum range it can cover is 2500 square feet. You can get solid and reliable internet in up to 50 devices in your house. 

The maximum data transfer speed that it is capable of providing is 1750 Mbps. The high stability of the connection and the wide range makes it an excellent choice for online gaming, high-quality streaming without any lag and interference. You do not have to worry about theft and malware with its WPA/WPA2 encryption, guest access, and parental control. 

Installing and managing the wifi router has been made effortless with the intuitive and simple Tether app. Control the router at home or check its status remotely on the cloud using this app. Moreover, it includes four-gigabit ethernet ports for faster connectivity.


  • Product dimensions: ‎9.59 x 6.32 x 1.29 inches.
  • Product weight: ‎14.9 ounces.
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi, Ethernet.
  • Data Transfer Rate: 1750 Mb per second.


  • Engineered with several advanced features. 
  • High data transfer speed and stable wifi. 
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa. 


  • Parental control might seem complicated to some. 
TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router (Archer A7) -Dual...
  • JD Power Award ---Highest in customer satisfaction for...
  • Router for wireless internet, works with Alexa, compatible...
  • Dual band router upgrades to 1750 Mbps high speed...
  • 3 external antennas for long range Wi-Fi. System...

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8. NETGEAR Cable Modem Wi-Fi Router Combo C6250 – Compatible with Xfinity By Comcast, Spectrum, Cox | AC1600 Wi-Fi Speed | DOCSIS 3.0-Best For 300 Mbps Plans

Another outstanding modem+router combo from NETGEAR is the C6250. It offers similar features as the other NETGEAR products on the list, except it is suitable for internet plans of up to 300 Mbps. 

If your cable provider is one of the major providers, then this unit is just right for you because of its wide compatibility. Most importantly, it is built for powerful performance and great speed. Receive coverage of up to 1500 square feet with the connectivity of 25 devices and a combined speed of 1600 Mbps. 

The amplified antenna ensures that the signal can reach its maximum potential. For more versatile applications, it comes with two-gigabit ethernet ports and one USB port for faster-wired connections. Similar to the other NETGEAR modem router combos, the installation process is straightforward and painless. It can be installed within a few minutes so that users can enjoy high-speed data as soon as possible. 

Special care is given to the build of this modem router combo. Owing to the use of high-quality products, it has a robust structure. Once you install this unit, you would not have to worry about getting a new one for a long time due to its long lifespan. 


  • Product Dimensions: 7.79 x 2.52 x 7.68 inches.
  • Product Weight: 3.53 ounces.
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB.
  • Data Transfer Rate: 1600 Mb per second.


  • Simple to install and easy to use. 
  • Provides a reliable wifi connection. 
  • Robust built and long lasting. 


  • Incompetent tech support. 
NETGEAR Cable Modem Wi-Fi Router Combo C6250 -...
8,189 Reviews
NETGEAR Cable Modem Wi-Fi Router Combo C6250 -...
  • SAVE MONTHLY RENTAL FEES: Model C6250 replaces your cable...
  • SPEEDS BY CARRIER: Spectrum (up to 300Mbps), Xfinity (up to...
  • FAST WiFi PERFORMANCE: Get up to 1500 sq ft wireless...

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C4000LG is another great modem router combo by CenturyLink. It is manufactured by GeenWave and has many great features, which makes it a member of the top 10 modem router combos of the market. 

It is powered by a dual-core processor, which enables it to deliver the ultimate performance. Since it uses the latest Wi-Fi Certified 6 802.11 standards, it is no wonder that it is three times more efficient than its predecessor and can handle dense environments more effectively. 

The blazing fast internet speed allows the user to enjoy super-smooth online gaming and streaming on multiple devices at the same time. It has 2 stream connectivity with a combined speed of 3000 Gbps which is faster than many modem router combos in the market. 

It is quite expensive, but with this one-time investment, you can avoid the monthly rental fees, which would save you a lot of money in the long run. Lastly, the unit comes with a meticulous user manual so that you do not face any difficulties during the installation. 


  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 8.9 x 7.4 inches.
  • Product Weight: 3.99 pounds.
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi, Ethernet.
  • Data Transfer Rate: 3000 Mb per second.


  • The exterior of the device is durable. 
  • The compact size makes it easier to store. 
  • Offers high-speed data transfer. 


  • Wifi signals can be unstable. 
  • CenturyLink’s support is not good.   
C4000LG CenturyLink DSL Modem by GreenWave
128 Reviews
C4000LG CenturyLink DSL Modem by GreenWave
  • Up to 3 Gbps Speed - 600+2400 Mbps with 2-stream...
  • Networking Optimized Dual-Core Processor Powerful processor...
  • 160MHZ Channel Support*- Doubles the speeds as offered by...
  • 1024-QAM - 38% increase in data rate compared to 256-QAM...

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10. Actiontec 300 Mbps Wireless-N ADSL Modem Router (GT784WN)– Best Wireless N DSL

We present you with another functional and affordable modem router combo by Actiontec. This model works just as well as the other Actiontec units and is specially designed for ADSL CenturyLink and other primary DSL providers. 

It is a dual-band modem+router with a maximum speed capability of 300 Mbps. With the 802.11n technology, it will provide faster connections to all your new devices. However, it is also backward compatible, and hence, your older devices will work just fine with it too. 

To make the setup process more convenient and less complicated, it is delivered preconfigured. It will auto-detect and adjust to your particular service settings. To ensure that the user’s data is well protected, it includes a wide range of encryptions and protections including, parental control, firewalls, and more. 

This is a three-in-one product. It can be used as a modem, but it also has router capabilities and can even be used as a 4-port switch as it includes four-gigabit ethernet switches. Additionally, it has smart MIMO technology that eliminates all the annoying dead spots. 


  • Product Dimensions: 6.8 x 1.3 x 7 inches.
  • Product Weight: 1.60 pounds.
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi, Ethernet.
  • Data Transfer Rate: 300 Mb per second.


  • Auto-detect makes it easy to set up.  
  • Latest MIMO technology for a stable network. 
  • Strict security protocols and features. 


  • Does not have a wide range of compatibility. 
  • Durability is disappointing. 
Actiontec 300 Mbps Wireless-N ADSL Modem Router...
3,312 Reviews
Actiontec 300 Mbps Wireless-N ADSL Modem Router...
  • Compatible with ADSL CenturyLink (NOT their VDSL) and major...
  • Not compatible with Verizon FIOS, AT&T U-verse or cable...
  • Preconfigured for simple setup and will auto-detect your...
  • Three products in one: full-rate ADSL 2/2+ modem, 4-port...

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Factors to know and consider while purchasing DSL modem router: A brief Buying Guide

When it comes to purchasing a good DSL modem router, there are a few things that need to be considered beforehand. These factors are described as below:

1. Type of DSL

The first thing that needs to be checked is the type of DSL that you want. The two main types of DSL technologies that are used are ADSL2+ and VDSL2. So, choose the type of DSL that fits your requirements and is compatible with your internet system.

2. Wireless Networking Feature

DSL modem router combo, which is wireless, comes with Wireless N or Wireless AC network standards. Wireless N is 802.11n which has been there since 2007 is now not much more popular than Wireless AC, which is 802.11ac that came in 2013.

3. Different Ports

When it comes to the ports of the modem router combo, it certainly depends upon your requirements. If you want to connect many devices, then you’ll be needing more ports and that too of different types depending upon the type of connection you need.

4. Frequency Bands 

In general, there are two types of frequency bands, which include a 2.4 GHz, giving a speed of maximum of 150 Mbps, and a 5 GHz, giving a speed of up to 450 Mbps. In modem router combos, you’ll find some offer only a single band frequency, but there are many that will offer dual-band frequency, and as compared to a single band, dual-band is better but can cost a bit more.

5. Security 

Well, security is indeed an important thing that you need to consider while purchasing a DSL modem router. However, these combos come with some in-built security features like WEP or WPA/WPA2. 

6. Cost

The price of a DSL modem router combo varies from the features it contains. So, first, make a list of specifications that you need and then look for the options. But at the same time, make sure that you purchase the one that has a reasonable price and is not too expensive as well.

What does DSL mean on a router?

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. It is a device that allows data transmission on telephone line connections. The companies like MTNL and BSNL provide through a phone line. Earlier, we use to have dial-up technology because of which we can use only one thing at a time between the Internet connection or the phone connection. 

DSL has replaced the dial-up technology at press day times. Like the dial-up connection, the DSL connection works through the phone line, but its wire has 30 percent of the phone line connection and 70 percent of the internet data connection. This property comes as an advantage in a DSL connection over a dial-up connection.

DSL Modem Router Combo

It is further classified into three types. They are:

  • SDSL( Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line): This is a type of wire that is rarely used at places in India. In this type of connection, 70 percent of the Internet connection is used, 35 percent for downloading, and the other 35 percent for uploading.
  • ADSL(Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line):

In this type of connection, 70 percent of internet data connection is divided into two parts for use. 50 percent of it is used in downloading the content, and 20 percent of it is used in uploading the content. If the downloading speed is more, then the connection is ADSL which is used in homes or offices like places as they have more downloading work.

  • VDSL (Very High Bi-rate Digital Subscriber Line):

This connection is the fastest one out of all the three. This type of DSL network can give a speed of 60 Mbps per 2nd downstream.

How to connect a DSL router to an ADSL modem?

To connect a DSL router to an ADSL modem, follow the following steps:

Step1: Enable the DSCP of your LAN to obtain IP automatically so that the router may assign it.

Step2: Type the IP on Google Chrome and enter the “username” and “password” to log in.

Step3: Select the “Ethernet cable” in the link type. If you have the username and password for the PPPoE, then use it; otherwise, click on “iPod”. Choose ” Dynamic IP” in the Address Mode for the router to pick up this IP, or you can use static IP according to your device.

Step4: Enter the details for the Subnet mask, Gateway, the Primary DNS as, and the Secondary DNS as

Step5: Disable the Wireless enable the option and click on “OK”. You will now be connected.

What Brands Own best DSL modem router combo?

Well, every good DSL modem router combo will have one or more good things in it. But when it comes to brands that are famous for producing modems and routers, then, of course, Netgear, TP-Link, and ARRIS are the ones that come to our mind.

How to convert a DSL modem to a WiFi router?

To convert a DSL modem to a WiFi router, pursue the following steps to carry on with the process:

Step1: If you are having a WAN port for the current ADSL modem, then connect one side with WAN AND the other side with the LAN port of your personal computer.

Step2: If the WAN port is not available, then you can connect the Ethernet cable through the LAN port on both devices.

Step3: Switch ” ON” the ADSL modem and the computer

Step4: Type “cmd” in your Windows OS search panel.

Step5: Right-click on the command prompt icon and choose the “RUN” option.

Step6: Type “ipconfig” and press enter in the command prompt window.

Step7: Write down the default gateway for the modem.

Step8: Open the System Preferences window and double click on the Network icon, and select the Advanced button in it.

Step9: Find the TCP/IP tab and write down your router’s default gateway.

Step10: Type the default gateway or IP address of the modem in the URL in the browser.

Step11: Type the UserID and Password and click on the ” login” button.

Step12: Disable the DHCP server in the router setup page.

Step13: Restart your computer now to inspect whether you are able to access the wireless network or not.

Step14: In case you find it difficult, then click the Call button, which is there on the screen, to get private assistance from the specialized support team.

Frequently Asked Questions[FAQs]

Q1. How do I set up my DSL modem router?

A1. Well, to set up your DSL modem, there are only two steps that you need to do, which are
Step 1: Connect all the wires and hardware stuff. 
This step includes attaching the antennas, ADSL filter, and RK11, connecting the power cable, and switching it on. 
Step 2: Final connection using a browser
The next thing that you need to do is to open a browser and enter your IP address; to know this, you can check your device. Once entered, you’ll be able to see a user interface where you can set up the device by following the instructions.

Q2. What are the benefits of using a DSL modem router?

A2. When it comes to the benefits of using a DSL modem router combo, there are many. The main benefit that you’ll get is that you’ll be replacing all the devices that you’re using to get a strong and stable internet with this single device. Other benefits that it offers are:
1. Adjustable connectivity
2. Highly stable network connections
3. Compatible with many internet service providers
4. Telephone calls will be of good quality
5. Security features and other functions such as parental control
6. Easy to set up and manage
7. It helps in saving money
8. It does not make a mess of cables

Q3. How can I connect a DSL modem with my router?

A3. The connection process of a DSL modem with a router is not so tough. You can simply follow the given steps:
Step 1- Bring in all the devices that are to be connected together, like your telephone that has an internet line, router, and modem.
Step 2- Now you need to connect the internet cables coming from the telephone with the modem. Further connect it to a power plug source, which will light the modem. Place the router in a suitable position and take care that the vents are not blocked by any obstruction. 
Step 3- In the ETH WAN port present on the router, plug in the ethernet cable. Now connect the cable to the ethernet port of yellow color present on the modem. 
Step 4- Once the above steps are done, connect your ethernet cables of the device to the ethernet ports present on the router.
Step 5- Plug in the router and switch it on to finish the connection of the router with the DSL modem.


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Purchasing a DSL modem router combo is not so easy as it may seem because you need to know a lot of things before getting one. Well, we have tried to cover all the things that are essential to know about DSL modem router reviews. 

At last, we hope that you must have gotten a clear idea regarding the best products available for you. So, always take care of the things that you need and want, and then look for the one that can fit your desires and budget at the same time. 

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