[2 Methods] How To Charge Laptop With HDMI?

Thinking of ways to charge your laptop with HDMI? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Although it does sound a bit strange to charge your laptop without actually using a charger, the truth is, you can make that possible. In this post, we are going to give you a quick understanding of how to charge a laptop with HDMI & how safe it is compared to the regular charger.

So without further ado, let’s just get straight into it!

How To Charge Laptop With HDMI Step By Step Guide

Method 1

This method is applicable in situations where the laptop does not come with an HDMI port. In order to counteract this, you could also use a Type C USB port. 

Things You Will Require

If you have misplaced the charger or whether your charger has stopped functioning, make sure to use these things in order to charge laptop with HDMI.

How To Charge Laptop With HDMI
  • Check whether the laptop comes with a USB Type C port
  • Whether it has an HDMI adapter cable
  • If there’s a connector or adapter that could be used to convert type C USB & HDMI

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How To Complete The Connection?

  • Connect your HDMI cable to the LCD that will support your HDMI
  • Use the HDMI to any type c connector or adapter & make sure to connect it with another end of the cable.
  • Plug the USB Type C connector inside the port of the laptop
  • And your job will be done.

Method 2

If your laptop comes with an HDMI port, this method would be ideal as it doesn’t come with too many accessories. Now the concern is how to charge a laptop with HDMI and for that, you just require a few things. By using this method, you could charge your notebook, laptop, Chromebook, or HDMI. 

can you charge a chromebook with a hdmi cable

Things You Will Require

  • A TV that supports HDMI ports
  • An HDMI cable

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Step By Step Method To Complete The Connection

  • Plugin the HDMI cable with the help of your TV’s HDMI
  • Connect the adapter with the help of your laptop’s port.

Is HDMI a safe method to charge your laptop with HDMI?

Laptops that come with specialized adapters provide you with the regulated voltage that can be used for charging laptops. HDMI is a wonderful option if you’d like to view HD movies on a big screen or even on quality systems. HDMI adapters also give you a big amount of current or voltage, which isn’t great for electrical appliances. 

However, we’d recommend you to charge laptop with HDMI cable if you are getting badly stuck in someplace. Otherwise, it would be best to use the charging adapter that accompanies the laptops. 

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Common FAQs

Can you charge your laptop using an HDMI cable?

To answer it in simple words, not really. There isn’t really any circuit on a laptop that will transfer the power from an HDMI to your battery!

Can you charge your laptop without a charger?

Most smartphone models could be used for backup power in cases of emergency, like a last-ditch system to charge your laptop. Next, you will need to attach your phone to the laptop & find a good USB setting for your mobile. Whether you want to use that for iOS or Android, that is different.

Is a USB port useful to charge a laptop?

No, not really. USB ports in laptops will supply you with power that will go to other peripherals & devices so that you’re easily able to plug it into your iPod, iPad & or other devices. It also means that all proper battery packages or solutions for your laptop need to be connected to the port.

Is it possible to charge your laptop with the help of another laptop?

Keep your laptop’s battery on a laptop belonging to a different brand. Then you can charge it & place it back. However, ensure the battery comes with the same kind of voltage as the original battery. If that doesn’t suit, no need to push it. You don’t have to risk screwing up the other laptop.

On A Concluding Note

Using USB or HDMI is not considered an ideal method to charge your laptop. It doesn’t have enough power, takes a lot more time & isn’t the most convenient option. It also isn’t advisable to use this kind of charger with your laptop. If your charger is damaged or you end up losing it, ensure to buy a brand new charger once you have checked its power & voltage compatibility. It could stop your battery from getting drained & will increase the durability of your laptop. You could also charge the laptop using a USB instead of an HDMI because it isn’t very preferable.

With that, we bring this post to an end. If you have some ideas, feedback, or comments to share, do share with us below. We would love to hear from you.

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