How To Connect Computer To Wifi Without Cable [No Cable Needed]

With the tremendous increase in technology internet usage, and everything going online demand for more data has also increased. These days one of the trending ways is to share data wirelessly or in other words through WIFI. For doing so various methods and devices have also been developed. The previously popular method included the usage of cables like ethernet, but advances in technology has restricted its popularity, and the focus has shifted to “wireless” sharing.

With everything online these days, people prefer wireless over cables to have access to data anywhere. It’s easy to connect, safe, and secure, and provides a large range of coverage, depending on your router or on the frequency of your WIFI adapter.

You don’t necessarily need a cable to connect WIFI to your laptop or computer. How To Connect Computer To Wifi Without Cable is what we are going to discuss below step-by-step. 


What do you do when you are totally in the mood to binge Netflix, but can’t, because of lack of internet connection or poor speed? A question must bother you at times how do you connect your device to the internet? Well, easy through a wireless adapter.

How To Connect Computer To Wifi Without Cable

It’s a medium to access the internet on devices with no inbuilt net connectivity. WIFI adapters are hardware devices allowing internet connection through USB 2.0 or 3.0. For those devices which don’t have in-built network connectivity, wireless adapters served a major play role. They come with antennae or dual bands which guarantee an interruption-free strong connection.

Not only this they are easy to fit and portable, as small in size. Improved access to connection as it provides super speed. Plus, you can adjust its frequency – 2.5Hz or 8Hz, depending on your requirement. It provides an estimated speed of 400 megabits per second at 2.5GHz and 867 megabits per second at 5ghz.

With the craze for video streaming, online meets, video games, marketing, even online classes- all can be run smoothly with help of these adapters. Easy to shop online and never cost much. 

How To Connect Computer To Wifi Without Cable [With USB WIFI Adapter]

This is probably the most convenient way to share data. It’s easy and tech-savvy, plus doesn’t consume much time to connect. They work at high speed, sharing data up to 300 megabits per second. It doesn’t require the installation of any software.

As the name suggests, USB wireless adapters are USB look-alike hardware devices used to grant internet access to a device that doesn’t have built-in internet connectivity. To connect your device to a USB wireless adapter, all you have to do is follow these steps-

Step 1-
plug the adapter into the USB port of your system.  It has an in-built antenna that regulates internet connection, and it works better when your WIFI router is nearby. 

Step 2-
Before plugging in make sure you install the driver’s CD. These are software needed to operate USB adapters. You can download them and put them to use. Windows drivers are less efficient. Thus, if your adapter doesn’t come with a driver CD. Make sure to search for a good one and download it.

Step 3-
Once you plug it in, the next step is easy. Look for available networks in your system. Choose the network you want to connect your system with. Enter security pin (Use a password always to keep your network secure). Your device will be connected. 

Step 4-
If you want your PC to connect to the internet connection next time swiftly, without much delay. Select the “connect automatically” option. This way your device will remember the connection and you won’t have to repeat this step every time, before using the internet. 

This is it. Follow these steps and you are all ready for an amazing experience online.


An interface allowing connection between your PC and a wireless network, providing high-speed data. Excellent speed as they share data up to 300 megabits per second. It complies with IEEE 802.11n. The speed is enough for video streaming and online games. One of the best features is it offers MIMO (multiple input, multiple output antennas). MIMO strengthens data speed, overcomes blockades, and provides wide coverage.

The long-distance barrier is reduced to an extent, with its antennae feature. The antennae help in faster connection and offer more stability. Its lightweight and easy to carry as its size are small. It works on PCI Express and advanced and developed expansion as its interface, offering better speed and bandwidth. It works quickly as it provides direct connectivity. It runs perfectly with Linux, Windows, and Mac Operating systems. To connect PCI-e WIFI adapter follow the steps mentioned below-

Step 1- Download the latest driver. Either from the CD driver provided with the adapter and if not download it from the brand’s website you are purchasing your WIFI adapter. 

Step 2– Switch off your PC. Remove the power port for safety purposes. 

Step 3- Next you have to open your PC case. There’s a side panel. Unscrew it and it would be removed.  

Step 4- There are multiple slots below the motherboard., known as expansion. Install in the expansion you would like to use.

Step 5- Carefully remove the back metal plate cover, before inserting the wifi adapter.

Step 6 –Install the adapter firmly pressing the expansions slot till it perfectly fits.

Step 7- Insert the networking card along with the adapter. 

Step 8- Restart the system and plug the power back in. 

Step 9- look for a downloaded driver to run the adapter and install it for putting it into practice. 

Step 10- You are all ready to enjoy a smooth internet connection.

Keep in mind to undertake security methods and install necessary drivers, before getting onto the installation of PCI-e Wifi Adapters.


It is the easiest installation to do, connecting a wireless network to your PC. They work at higher frequencies on 2.5 gigahertz or 5 gigahertz for greater data transfer. Works on PCI interface supporting strong bandwidth and wider coverage. Transfers data at speed of 300 megabits per second.  It has two detachable antennae to fit according to the environment. It’s supported by MIMO, reducing delays in connection. Works swiftly on Linux, Windows. Amazing choice for video games and huge data-consuming projects. Follow these steps for connection-

Step 1- Power supply off. Unscrew the screw front side panel.

Step 2- Find the correct PCI-e expansion slot, open it and simply insert the wifi card.

Step 3- After inserting it, adjust it in the right position, and fix the screws again for a perfect fit.

Step 4- Download the CD drivers and install the drivers to get the card in use.

Step 5- Restart the PC, to get the adapter started. You are all set to use the connection.

There is a very effective way. Motherboards are also a good option. Once installed, they look for a signal to connect. If you are thinking to upgrade your motherboard, get a wifi-enabled one, keeping in mind its cost.


A very popular and common method is to make your smartphone a router. Turn the data on, and then turn the hotspot on. This will enable the transfer of data. Search for the signal, after turning wifi on in your device. Click on it to select it. Enter SSID. Your device is ready to use the internet. It’s really an amazing option for operating in shorter coverage, and for mini-projects. For example to watch youtube videos or for research.

The method doesn’t require the installation of any software, neither you need to insert any USB. It’s very convenient to use and is being used massively.  

These are few methods, using which you can experience a fast internet connection for binge-watching, streaming, video calls, and many other tasks. Following these, you can easily have access to a smooth and strong internet connection, without hassles. You can start your network connection process now without worries.

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